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Alameda was once a peninsula of grassy fields and sandy beaches, separated from Oakland by a snaking estuary. A tidal canal made Alameda an island in 1902 and its waterfront became a major shipping port. Park Street's bay-windowed commercial buildings looked out on a prosperous city of streetcars and comfortable homes. Between the two world wars, Alameda's Neptune Beach resort and amusement park became the "Coney Island of the West," eventually boasting a Moorish entrance tower on Webster Street, a stadium, two swimming pools, a high dive, and a roller coaster called the "Whoopie." Alameda's strategic location made its "airdrome" the busiest in the world in the 1930s and eventually attracted a U.S. Coast Guard base, known as Government Island, and the Alameda Naval Air Station.

Author: Greta Dutcher, Stephen Rowland
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing (SC)
Published: 09/21/2005
Pages: 128
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.65lbs
Size: 9.28h x 6.52w x 0.36d
ISBN: 9780738530390

About the Author
Dutcher, Greta: - Bay Area native Greta Dutcher is a collector who specializes in vintage East Bay postcards. Working with fellow enthusiast Stephen Rowland, she draws from both her own archives and that of collector Edmund Clausen, selecting the best images to recall Alameda's charming public face in the 20th century.

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