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Syracuse University Press

Gen X TV: The Brady Bunch to Melrose Place

Gen X TV: The Brady Bunch to Melrose Place

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No generation eludes definition as much as Generation X. Rob Owens opens with a history of network and cable television since the birth of Generation X, but goes on to explore the symbiotic relationship between television and this largely misunderstood age group. From the first megahit The Brady Bunch to today's Friends, Owen unflinchingly describes the boob tube as the ubiquitous babysitter for millions of young people. Television, Owen maintains, consumes innocence as viewers encounter countless episodes of society's woes, from political strife and environmental decimation to everyday violence and crime.

Author: Rob Owen
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Published: 04/01/1999
Pages: 242
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.22lbs
Size: 9.05h x 8.06w x 0.70d
ISBN: 9780815605850

About the Author
Rob Owen was a radio and television columnist at the Albany Times Union in Albany, New York and features writer at the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia. His articles have also appeared in the now-defunct NetGuide magazine.

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