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Sharing the Dragon's Teeth: Terrorist Groups and the Exchange of New Technologies

Sharing the Dragon's Teeth: Terrorist Groups and the Exchange of New Technologies

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Terrorist groups - both inside and outside the al Qaeda network - sometimes form mutually beneficial partnerships to exchange best practices. Operation Enduring Freedom and the global war on terrorism forced many members of al Qaeda to disperse, while like-minded terrorist groups have formed regional alliances and other terrorist groups that are not linked ideologically have formed mutually beneficial partnerships. Understanding these interactions is essential to ongoing and future efforts to counter terrorist threats. (Mindanao, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and southwest Colombia) have attempted to exchange technologies and knowledge. The authors chose case studies in regions where terrorist groups are highly capable, thus the technologies and exchange processes are weighed toward success and should be of significant concern to the U.S. national security community. The authors examine a variety of technologies and exchange processes, ranging from remote-detonation devises to converted field ordnance to katyusha rockets. innovation processes, and affecting terrorist groups' cost-benefit analyses. This volume should be of interest to homeland security policymakers, the national security community, as well as academics, students, and professionals in counterterrorism, homeland security, and organizational learning.

Author: Kim R. Cragin, Peter Chalk, Sara A. Daly
Publisher: RAND Corporation
Published: 03/19/2007
Pages: 114
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.50lbs
Size: 8.91h x 6.10w x 0.35d
ISBN: 9780833039156

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