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Estep & Fitzgerald Literary Publishing

Valley Girl: Childhood in the 80's

Valley Girl: Childhood in the 80's

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Pop some pink bubblegum and turn up the boom box: It's time to visit the 1980's. Crazy cartoons, wacky food, crackhead-like candy and the most important decision of a pre-teen's life: new wave or heavy metal? Jelly shoes or checkerboard Vans? Growing up in California's San Fernando Valley in the 80's was chock full of sunshine and skateboards, but author Amy Asbury takes us through the lesser known issues such as creepy pervs in cars and overly sultry sixth graders. Amongst these lively essays are the questions of 80's pop culture: Why did Simon LeBon's sexy stare work straight through the TV? Why did Cabbage Patch Kids start to run out of good names like Jennifer and start coming out with names like Bertha and Edna? Why did we love camel-toe inducing designer jeans? Why did the bass of "Billie Jean" make us stop in our tracks like a dog hearing a silent whistle? Why did a boy's entire social life depend solely on his kickball skills? Read about fights with neighborhood kids, taking down bullies and trying to fit in with the cool chicks. Slumber party games, crushes, scary teachers, rivals, finding one's talent (double joints, rolling tongue or wonky eye tricks), looking at boobs in the Sears catalog and forays into capitalism by way of lopsided homemade carnivals and melty sno-cone stands. Jump into the salty waves at Zuma beach, eat your 30-scooped zoo sundae at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, and get yourself down to the Northridge mall: It's time to dive into the world of the Valley Girl.

Author: Amy Asbury
Publisher: Estep & Fitzgerald Literary Publishing
Published: 09/21/2012
Pages: 200
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.49lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.46d
ISBN: 9780985857004

About the Author
Asbury, Amy: - Amy Asbury is the author of five books: Once Upon The Eighties, The Sunset Strip Diaries, Confetti Covered Quicksand, Valley Girl and Fuzzie Wuzzie. She is influenced by Truman Capote, J.D. Salinger, Mary McCarthy, and Judy Blume. She also draws inspiration from film (Martin Scorsese, Sophia Coppola, and P.T. Anderson are favorites), creative design, interesting photography, and beautiful animation. Amy is a collector of vintage books, retro toys, and eighties candy packages. She loves bookstores, libraries, old-time ice cream parlors and antique shops, and is most at home in the classic Hollywood restaurants or the beaches of her hometown in Los Angeles. She is married to an awesome New-Yorker and has one bookish son. Favorite Quotes: "'The most important thing is to be whoever you are without shame', and 'Keep true to the dreams of thy youth'. I need to give those proper credit but I cannot remember who originated them." Loves: "Sunshine, masses of flowers, pastel colors, stacks of books, the 'Annie' soundtrack, The Beach Boys, Mad Men, Fast Company Magazine, vintage book covers, and office supplies." Loathes: "Loud, high-pitched noises. I go insane. I also dislike the color orange unless it is October or November. I don't think there is an orange item in my entire house! I am not a fan of the new computer-animated kid movies. They are just too much. Over-stimulating, over-produced, and too slick. They have these generic "hit" songs and the big names attached...they just don't feel authentic. They just feel like big marketing machines." Comfort Food: "Tater tots, lots of salt. And my very favorite thing to eat is pomegranates. Cold pomegranate seeds in a big silver bowl with a spoon!" What is something we might not know about you? "I love to take care of people and make things homey and comfy for my family. I try to make holidays absolutely magical. I live in a self-created bubble. My house is like Disneyland every day; I try not to let anything ugly into my home life, because there is so much else out there in the world. I have happy music, or fresh flowers, or a fire in the fireplace. It is always inviting and colorful." People want to know why the Sunset Strip Diaries ended on a cliffhanger. Why did you do that? "Well, my manuscript was way too long. I actually had to split the story into two books (the second book is the continuation-Confetti Covered Quicksand.) Some people thought it was very gimmicky to do that to the readers and then to try and sell the second one. But the way it ends, is basically saying, "If you want to keep going and read more about what happened to me, you can. But if you want to leave it here, that is okay too." There are reviewers who love the books and others who think they sound like a teenager's diary. How do you feel about that? "Well, to those people, I will say this: It IS a teenager's diary! The Sunset Strip Diaries is literally my diaries from when I was sixteen, seventeen. So if you don't want to hear the thoughts of a misguided teenager hanging out in Hollywood, then definitely do not read the book. Because that is precisely what it is. And Confetti Covered Quicksand? My diaries from my twenties. I was a total moron! I agree with the trolls. I was in no way likeable." Most people really love your honesty. As a matter of fact, that might be the biggest thing about your writing. "Well, yes, I was very honest in those books and it is embarrassing. I can't even read them now!"

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