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Cambridge University Press

Working Wonders: How to Make the Impossible Happen

Working Wonders: How to Make the Impossible Happen

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The difference between what's possible and what's not is a construct of the human mind, a matter of perspective, and it's one that can be changed. Working Wonders explains the fundamentals that shape the mind: how it builds walls to protect itself and how a person can tear those walls down to tackle challenges that would have previously been discounted as unrealistic. This volume shares case studies featuring people making the impossible a reality and, in doing so, changing the world for the better. On a deeper level and yet still using non-technical language, the book identifies possible neurological and psychosocial mechanisms that limit the brain, and techniques that may open it up to exploring the seemingly unachievable. Praszkier also introduces the concept of 'possibilitivity', a personality trait that reflects the propensity to perceive insurmountable challenges as doable, and concludes by presenting a portfolio of 'Do It Yourself' techniques.

Author: Ryszard Praszkier
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 08/08/2019
Pages: 208
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.00lbs
Size: 9.48h x 7.21w x 0.59d
ISBN: 9781108428606

About the Author
Praszkier, Ryszard: - Ryszard Praszkier is an emeritus professor at the Institute for Social Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland. He has merged decades of practical experience in the field of social innovation with his passion for academic research and connecting theory with practice.

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