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Royal Society of Chemistry

Advanced Memory Technology: Functional Materials and Devices

Advanced Memory Technology: Functional Materials and Devices

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Advanced memory technologies are impacting the information era, representing a vibrant research area of huge interest in the electronics industry. The demand for data storage, computing performance and energy efficiency is increasing exponentially and will exceed the capabilities of current information technologies.

Alternatives to traditional silicon technology and novel memory principles are expected to meet the need of modern data-intensive applications such as "big data" and artificial intelligence (AI). Functional materials or methodologies may find a key role in building novel, high speed and low power consumption computing and data storage systems.

This book covers functional materials and devices in the data storage areas, alongside electronic devices with new possibilities for future computing, from neuromorphic next generation AI to in-memory computing.

Summarizing different memory materials and devices to emphasize the future applications, graduate students and researchers can systematically learn and understand the design, materials characteristics, device operation principles, specialized device applications and mechanisms of the latest reported memory materials and devices.

Author: Ye Zhou
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Published: 10/09/2023
Pages: 732
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781839165696
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