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Anna Parkman



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With the expansion of psychotherapeutic modality as a treatment for childhood traumas, a book such as Apocalyptin has become a critical need for those living in the darkness of biologically embedded resistance - leaving them lost and totally out of reach.

Apocalyptin is a metaphorical fairy-tale containing powerful psychological tools and techniques to help heal childhood traumas through a non-confrontational approach. By reading the story of Odi and Dina, readers can parallel their familiar issues to those within the story to help reframe their distractive behavioral patterns.

Odi is a young teenager from an abusive home. He lives with the constant fear and stress associated with physical and mental abuse by family members and the cruelty of his reality. His life is dark, miserable, and hopeless. Then, one day, a magic flashlight appears that allows him to see not only his inner child but that of his offenders, who also suffered from traumatic episodes in their childhoods. In Odi's darkest hour, several magical beings appear who take him on a mystical journey, expanding his mindset, thus allowing him to change the perception of his life and abolish his resentment.

Having gone through the transformation of his consciousness, Odi and his magical friends help his close friend, Dina, to learn to survive the horror and shame of the illicit behavior of her paternal father and the deaf ear of her mother. By focusing her attention on building a prosperous and happy future, Dina can transform her outlook on life.

All the childhood traumas described in Apocalyptin are actual cases. Therefore, the reader may experience the same emotional impact the characters faced on their road to recovery. This could enable them to deconstruct the mechanism of resistance and help improve their quality of life.

Author: Anna Parkman
Publisher: Anna Parkman
Published: 12/15/2022
Pages: 206
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.48lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.25w x 0.44d
ISBN: 9781088081211
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