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Princeton University Press

Introduction to Modern Economic Growth

Introduction to Modern Economic Growth

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Introduction to Modern Economic Growth is a groundbreaking text from one of today's leading economists. Daron Acemoglu gives graduate students not only the tools to analyze growth and related macroeconomic problems, but also the broad perspective needed to apply those tools to the big-picture questions of growth and divergence. And he introduces the economic and mathematical foundations of modern growth theory and macroeconomics in a rigorous but easy to follow manner.

After covering the necessary background on dynamic general equilibrium and dynamic optimization, the book presents the basic workhorse models of growth and takes students to the frontier areas of growth theory, including models of human capital, endogenous technological change, technology transfer, international trade, economic development, and political economy. The book integrates these theories with data and shows how theoretical approaches can lead to better perspectives on the fundamental causes of economic growth and the wealth of nations.

Innovative and authoritative, this book is likely to shape how economic growth is taught and learned for years to come.

  • Introduces all the foundations for understanding economic growth and dynamic macroeconomic analysis

  • Focuses on the big-picture questions of economic growth

  • Provides mathematical foundations

  • Presents dynamic general equilibrium

  • Covers models such as basic Solow, neoclassical growth, and overlapping generations, as well as models of endogenous technology and international linkages

  • Addresses frontier research areas such as international linkages, international trade, political economy, and economic development and structural change

  • An accompanying Student Solutions Manual containing the answers to selected exercises is available (978-0-691-14163-3/$24.95). See: https: //

  • For Professors only: To access a complete solutions manual online, email us at:

Author: Daron Acemoglu
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Published: 01/04/2009
Pages: 1008
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 4.20lbs
Size: 10.08h x 8.24w x 1.65d
ISBN: 9780691132921

About the Author
Daron Acemoglu is the Charles P. Kindleberger Professor of Applied Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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