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The Health Advocate's Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook (Third Edition): A Step by Step Guide

The Health Advocate's Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook (Third Edition): A Step by Step Guide

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This description is for the 2017, Third Edition of this book.

You've spent a career as a clinician, but feel as if you need to step away from the role so you can help patients get what they really need..... OR... you've just spent years advocating for yourself or a loved one, and now you think you'd like to help others improve their healthcare experience, and make a living doing so.

People like you, with heart and great skills, want to choose advocacy as a career. But many lack the business knowledge required to start and grow an independent practice.

The Health Advocate's Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook is here to help This book will help you get started with the basics, in an easily understandable way - step-by-step. Whether you're located in the United States or Canada, it will answer questions, such as:

  • Can you make a living as a private, independent health advocate?
  • How much does it cost to start an advocacy practice?
  • How much can you make as a health or patient advocate?
  • What is the Allegiance Factor, and why is it important to idependent advocates?
  • What important details do you need to know regarding insurance, the law, contracts, even the IRS or CRA?
  • How will you price your services and get people to pay you, too?
  • Do you really need a business plan?
  • What professional standards and best practices will improve your service?

This book is a must-have for those who choose to start and grow private advocacy and health-related practices including: patient advocates, patient navigators, case managers, care managers, midwives, doulas, therapists, guardians, conservators, life planners, family mediators, disability advisors, acupuncturists, health coaches, yoga instructors, massage therapists, elder care professionals, nursing home advisors, medical bill reviewers, health insurance advisors, medical legal advisors and others.

Bonus Purchase of the book will provide you with a discounted membership in The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

Author: Trisha Torrey
Publisher: Diagknowsis Media
Published: 07/06/2017
Pages: 218
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.97lbs
Size: 10.00h x 8.00w x 0.46d
ISBN: 9780982801499

About the Author

When Trisha Torrey was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of lymphoma in 2004, she was a marketing consultant who was naïve to the dysfunction the American healthcare system.

But she got smart, fast. She learned that the possibility of excellent care was too easily and frequently eclipsed by miscommunication and mistakes. She also learned that if she didn't stick up for herself, and insist on the help she needed, she would not get it. The more empowered she became, the more she realized there was a possibility she had no lymphoma. Three months after her diagnosis, she proved she was right; she had no cancer.

Once Trisha put her misdiagnosis odyssey behind her, she decided it was up to her to apply her skills to teaching others how to navigate the dangerous landscape of American healthcare. She sold her marketing company in 2006 to devote herself full time to the cause.

Today Trisha calls herself "Every Patient's Advocate." She is the founder of and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates which support the business and client service aspects of a health advocate's work. She writes regularly for a number of online outlets, speaks to groups of patients and professionals, and teaches workshops.

She is the author of six books all focused on supporting patients' healthcare journeys, and helping health and patient advocates and care managers establish and grow successful practices.

This book, The Health Advocate's Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook, is the second in her Health Advocate Career Series.

Trisha has appeared on, or has been quoted by CNN, MSNBC, the Today Show, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, O Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, NPR, Scientific American, Angie's List Magazine, Bottom Line Publications, and other media.

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