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7 Treasures Press

20 Life Lessons for Your 20s: Gift of Life

20 Life Lessons for Your 20s: Gift of Life

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20 Life Lessons for your Twenties include humble yet unconventional real life lessons that no one has told you yet. A great birthday or graduation gift for young adults to jump start their life in the right direction and lead a life of peace and pleasure.The 20 life lessons are a gift of wisdom to jump start a young adult's life in the right direction. 20 Life Lessons for Your 20s book makes a great birthday and graduation gift. Life is an interesting journey. As time passes by, you grow up without noticing anything different from day to day. You have the opportunity to become mature after passing through every obstacle that comes your way. Each obstacle teaches you a unique lesson that only you can experience. For the rest of your life, you will follow your knowledge and wisdom to go through your life journey as an individual. From time to time, you will realize that what you have is not enough, and that is when reading and learning from other people's experiences come in handy. People share their wisdom in the hopes of making a difference in other people's lives. The 20 life lessons included in this little book are humble yet unconventional lessons that will help you make your life a pleasant journey.Understandably, you have many distractions in your life now that keep you preoccupied with small details and away from looking at the big picture of your life; or, maybe your maturity level is not ripe enough for you to figure out everything that is ahead for you. You are not alone. For a very long time, your wants, needs, emotions and finances have been controlled by others - your parents, peers, institutions, government, society and media - naturally or as a result of other people's greed. This control needs to stop at some point, and you will need to take charge of how you live your life.If you live a life of ignorance and follow others or let their perception rule you, your life is a lost cause. You are given the gift of one life to live, and it is up to you how you experience it. It really does not matter what anyone thinks of you. The most important point in life is that you live by your own rules and values to be completely satisfied with who you are and what you do.7 reasons to read the 20 Life Lessons:1. Prepare for your unique future2. Live with no regrets3. Know yourself better & sooner4. Design your ideal life5. Make better decisions6. Learn from the old and wise7. Take responsibility for your happinessYou are at the beginning of your journey, and these 20 life lessons will help you jump start your journey of life filled with your unique gifts to this universe. I only wish that you utilize these lessons and find your own path of life with ease and joy.

Author: Farima Wassel Joya
Publisher: 7 Treasures Press
Published: 05/23/2016
Pages: 52
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.13lbs
Size: 7.80h x 5.08w x 0.11d
ISBN: 9780692703915

About the Author
Farima Wassel Joya, born and raised in Afghanistan, has gone through many obstacles to be where she is today. She lives in the Hawaiian Islands and enjoys a simple life. She is a multi-passionate author, publisher, and a practicing yogi on the path to self-discovery and higher spirituality.

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