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Experts Legacy Publishing

40 Days To Freedom: Shed the Shackles of Food Craving, Diet Cycling & Body Shaming

40 Days To Freedom: Shed the Shackles of Food Craving, Diet Cycling & Body Shaming

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40 DAYS to FREEDOM leads the reader through an expertly guided transformational process to break the cycle of food craving, diet cycling & body shaming, once and for all.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we will teach you how to overcome compulsions and bad habits, and to release limiting beliefs and emotional connections to food.

By implementing the steps found in this book you will re-program the way you think and feel about your body and install positive and supportive habits that keep you accountable and progressing toward your goals.

With your newfound knowledge and motivation you will become equipped and empowered to create lasting results.

As a conscious health consumer, does the vast amount of information available online, in bookstores, from health professionals and peers only leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of whom to trust, and what to implement?

Do you encounter conflicting and confusing information seemingly at every turn, leaving you with more questions than answers?

Have you come to realize that having the best intentions or strong "willpower" to gain control over your eating habits isn't enough to thrust you out of an addictive cycle?

Perhaps you've perceived to have some success with a particular diet, only to find yourself rebound back to the same or worse condition over time - now weighted with the compounded effects of exasperation, desperation and despair guiding your choices.

You may be a new recipient of a concerning medical diagnosis, a parent seeking healthful alternatives to the standard school lunch fare or convenience dinner foods, or an athlete seeking a competitive advantage...and you are all left with the same question: How do I break free from the rut or routine where I seem to be trapped?

As you sift through mountains of literature on the latest fad diet or scientific study, as you consider and sometimes succumb to gimmicky "shortcuts" and home machines that are "guaranteed" to deliver gleaming health - you grow sicker, fatter and more frustrated.

There is no diet, no exclusive or restrictive pattern that ever works for humans long-term. It is hardwired into our being to break out of these patterns. That is why most attempts for us to simply "willpower our way there" end in misery, disappointment and even do damage to our metabolisms.

There is not one definition of freedom that is the right answer for everyone. We are all unique biochemical beings, with distinct physical and emotional differences. We cannot expect to experience the same results of another's experimentation toward better health, nor can we rely on lab research that does not translate into the human experience, and its diverse population.

Our unique expression of humanness and our perception of well-being is a complex and savory stew of our internal representations of what it means to be healthy as well as distinctly measurable external variables. We have different ancestries, different metabolic types, different health histories and different health goals.

So what can be taught in one book that could serve the health of the masses? Keep reading, you'll soon know.

Author: Suzanne Catherine, Ben Patwa
Publisher: Experts Legacy Publishing
Published: 02/14/2016
Pages: 262
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.68lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.55d
ISBN: 9780692692837

About the Author

For a collective 30+ years, Ben Patwa and Suzanne Catherine have helped others transform their lives through the practices of Nursing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition(R), Physiotherapy/Corrective Exercise Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mental and Emotional Release(R) Therapy, Behavioral Change Therapy, Time Line Therapy(R) and Metabolic Typing(R).

Suzanne has two decades of nursing experience in Intensive Care Units at some of the top-ranked hospitals in North America. Troubled by the common diagnoses she saw in so many patients - Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke, Obesity, Diabetes Type 2 - and learning that so many of them are preventable with education, availability of resources, a shift in lifestyle and the desire to live well, she transitioned into private nursing to have a greater impact on her patients through holistic education and healing.

She has personally run the gamut of physical shapes and sizes, from athletic to anorexic to significantly successful competitive fitness model.

She has successfully used the guidelines described in this book to navigate the process to freedom that so many of our readers are desperate to achieve.

She often says, "Once I knew better, I couldn't forget. This knowledge changed the way I think about food and exercise, and most important, the way I view myself. I simply could not go back to being the person I used to be."

Ben has been committed to excellence and perseverance from a young age, after growing up as the underdog pursuing a career in Basketball. At 5'7" he was repeatedly told that his dream was impossible and that he should set his sights elsewhere.

Driven by the mindset he shares in this book, he went on to play professionally and scored 36 points, hitting eight 3-pointers, in the championship final to win Gold, defeating 22 countries from around the world.

He became a lifetime student of holistic therapies following his near-death experience when he suffered multiple organ failure at the young age of eighteen.

His resulting resolve to uncover how his body works and his commitment to helping others has fueled his passion for excellence in his field.

Ben successfully built a holistic practice and expert reputation both in his privately-owned London clinic and now with clients spanning the globe.

He is popularly known as "The guy you go to when nothing else has worked".

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