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A Doll in Maine

A Doll in Maine

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Everything changes in a moment for Bailey. He had returned to his luxurious home in California as a private school boy, ready to follow his father's steps into the world of classical music and books, but it all changes when he is informed that his parents had been in an accident. His grandparents don't want him, but he has an uncle in Maine who has agreed to take him. Bailey is resigned to the sudden move across country to live with the only relatives willing to take him in, but is forced to learn that sometimes family isn't always the perfect picture he had grown accustomed to. Sometimes family means living in an attic with strange sounds in the walls, life-size dolls, family curses, butterflies, and a yellow lizard that he will be forced to called "home". As the story unfolds, Bailey is forced to confront questions he's never truly asked before; Who were his parents before he was born? Can a family be put back together after it had been shattered before? Where does one draw the line between grief and madness? Bailey must find the answers, or he will be just another name added to the family curse.

Author: Phoebe Pike
Published: 01/01/2023
Pages: 320
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.84lbs
Size: 8.27h x 5.83w x 0.67d
ISBN: 9781387333349

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