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Natasa Xerri

A Stranger's Tale

A Stranger's Tale

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"A time long ago, when the Moon and Sun were friends and shared the same sky, a strange man wandered down an even stranger path."

In this folkloric tale, a man known only as the Stranger finds his way to another world and embarks on a journey to take back what he has lost. Watched with growing interest by ancient celestial beings, he faces a different challenge at every turn and each one more tempting than the last. Can he resist the temptations, or will the Four Winds sway his heart with bribes cloaked as gifts?

This is a world of shadow and light, where the winds follow no particular direction and where even time has a will of its own.

Deeply rooted in dark, traditional storytelling and enriched with stunning olde worlde illustrations by Adam Oehlers, A Stranger's Tale introduces familiar characters in an unfamiliar world. Rich in imagery and a nostalgic charm, Natasa Xerri brings a fresh new voice to age-old themes, as she weaves a story that has readers of all ages spellbound from beginning to end.

Author: Natasa Xerri
Publisher: Natasa Xerri
Published: 11/25/2019
Pages: 58
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.74lbs
Size: 9.61h x 6.69w x 0.31d
ISBN: 9780646807867

About the Author
Oehlers, Adam: - Born in England in 1980, Adam lived in County Cork until the age of 8 years, after which he moved with his family to Australia. After finishing school, he focused entirely on illustration, graduating from university with an Honours degree in illustration. He returned to the UK in 2002 and set out to begin his career in illustration. Adam has exhibited across the world, including in Australia, UK, Europe and United States. His published works include his ghost story graphic novel 'Dear Little Emmie', his interpretation of the classic text 'The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner', his children's book 'A Babble of Words', a book of dark nursery rhymes 'Cinderella Jumprope Rhymes', and the fantasy series 'The Errand'. He has also dipped his toes into the world of animation and concept art, working with Owl House Studios and Partizan Production House as the concept artist and character designer on the animation 'Routine' and 'People who eat Darkness' for Steven Wilson, Metallica's 'Here Comes Revenge' and Passengers 'Beautiful Birds'. He has also worked as concept artist, character designer and writer for the PS4 Game 'The Last Day of June', Along with various production companies for television programs such as 'Gentleman Jack', 'Humans series 3' and the newly released 'Sanditon'. One of Adam's pieces won the Young Lions award for an advertising campaign in 2015, and he was also a finalist for 'British Illustrator of the Year' in the same year. ARTIST STATEMENT I have always found a great deal of inspiration from the classic Illustrations of Arthur Rackham, Edward Gorey and any intricate classic pen illustrations and print work. I have a great love of old stories and fairy tales and aim to tell a story through every illustration. In my work I strive to create a sense of nostalgia to take the viewer back to a forgotten memory, with the goal of reminding them of the soft magic that surrounds us.Xerri, Natasa: - Natasa grew up in a pub where, as a little girl, she would dance to the jukebox with the locals who were like family. She always had a book in her hand wherever she went, and nothing has changed in that regard. Books are her passion and her greatest joy. Growing up, all she ever wanted to do was to own bookstore and write her own book. She has now done both. Owning a bookstore in Hurstbridge was one of her greatest achievements. Through The Vintage Rose Bookshop she supported and encouraged many independent writers, artists and musicians and was even nominated for the Nillumbik Young Achiever Business Award 2013, where she even shook hands with the Mayor. Sadly, she had to close the doors of The Vintage Rose Bookshop, however she hopes to work with books again one day. Natasa now works as an Emergency Services Clerk in a busy hospital in Melbourne. She is surrounded by many highly intelligent humans who have saved countless lives. Her clerical family are the highlight of her work day, and she is proud to be a part of such a great team. Natasa has three dogs and a husband, whom she loves just a little more than her canine companions. He is her rock; words cannot begin to describe what they mean to each other. She has a mother who has always worked too hard to make her children's dreams come true, and whom she loves more than life itself; a sister who owns the other half of her soul, and who is her best friend; and a brother who is way too smart, and loves to spend their time together debating world issues and the state of his bookcase. She has travelled to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Natasa's dream is to visit Scotland and Ireland because that is where magic still exists. Her heart is torn though between two homes: the one in Australia and the one in Serbia, where her parents were born and where most of her family still live. Natasa has always been a great supporter of writers, artists, thinkers and creators as well as independent bookstores. When asked why she replied, Because I feel that this world needs them. We need them and the beauty they create. She is also a Winter person, who has an ongoing love-affair with the Moon. I see her each night, and each night she takes my breath away. A Stranger's Tale is Natasa's first book.

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