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Joshua Free

Advanced Systemology (The Backtrack Series): Academy Lectures (Volume Six)

Advanced Systemology (The Backtrack Series): Academy Lectures (Volume Six)

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Awaken to the New Dawn of Immortality with the Mardukite Academy Collector's Edition of "The Backtrack Series" lectures by Joshua Free.

We are all Spiritual Beings that have known a very long existence. Even before the evolution of Humans or Earth, we existed as other forms, in other times and spaces.

We have descended down a very long track of potential Beingness and considerations, a track that parallels the allegory of "Fallen Angels" enticed by mundane bodies; only to be trapped in them and longing to Ascend again.

-- What if we could recover the long forgotten Knowingness of our past existences?

-- What if we could reclaim our true Spiritual power that we have lost sight of?

-- What if we could actually Backtrack our descent and return to the Source?

"Systemology: Backtrack" documents the first advanced course given by Joshua Free to the Systemology Society for Mardukite Grade-V. He candidly introduces the new Wizard-Level subject of "Alpha-Defragmentation" to Grade-III and Grade-IV alumni ready to embark on their next phase of the Pathway.

Now you too can learn to systematically process residual imprinting from "past-lives" -- and not only expand your knowledge of "between-lives" spiritual implanting and other mental programming, but also know how to handle it-exactly as experienced by advanced students attending a three-day lecture series at the Spring 2023 Systemology Conference at the Mardukite Academy, commemorating the pre-release of the very first complete "Beta-Defragmentation" manual titled "Systemology-180: The Fast-Track To Ascension" (available separately).

This premiere collector's edition hardcover publication of "Systemology: Backtrack" includes complete transcripts to all eight lectures (from March 2023) along with a concise glossary for over 200 terms used in these lecture transcripts.

Free Your Spirit from the Human Track and Climb Aboard for a Flight Toward Ascension!

Mardukite Academy Grade-V; Systemology Wizard Level-1; Liber-4

Also available in hardcover and paperback as "Systemology Backtrack: Reclaiming Spiritual Power and Past-Life Memory."

Author: Joshua Free
Publisher: Joshua Free
Published: 08/17/2023
Pages: 230
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.78lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.56d
ISBN: 9781961509122
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