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Agents Auctions Guide- Top 10 Tips to Successfully List Property for Auction

Agents Auctions Guide- Top 10 Tips to Successfully List Property for Auction

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YOU'VE CHOSEN THIS PROFESSION BECAUSE YOU'VE HEARD THAT YOU CAN EARN BIG MONEY, BUT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANY OF THAT YET? THEN READ ON Hi my name is Maria Lawrance with over 21 years' experience as one of Sydney's leading auctioneers personally having sold over $44 million in properties in just the last 20 months alone. Oh, by the way, the average sale price in my area is $400,000 - so that's a lot of properties 

In this book I want to dispel any myths you have about LISTING PROPERTIES for auction while letting you in on all the secrets Top Auction Listing Agents and Auctioneers work with every day. I want you to enjoy your work more whilst you strive to get the very best price for your vendors. 

Throughout the pages of this book you will learn ... 
-Selling methods available to you and how the Auction sale process works 
-How to become the very best agent you can be and what marketing strategy to use 
-How to prepare your owners for the auction day and how to deal with pre-auction day offers 
-Getting the reserve price right and what to expect on Auction day 

Plus, at the end of each chapter I will give you tips to make it simple for you to know exactly what to do. You know there are others in your profession out there that are taking home six figures EVERY YEAR, but you're not one of them How come? You work hard, you put the hours in, but somehow, it just doesn't seem to come together for you Let me let you into a little secret: if you don't start listing Auctions and marketing Auctions, you will forever be an "also ran" sales agent Why? Well not only does this system help you to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER it also SKILLS you up, DEADLINES you and most importantly IT MAKES YOU MORE ACCOUNTABLE to your clients than ever before Because, my friend, if you want to earn big dollars then you have to take more responsibility for your ACTIONS and your COMMITMENT to this incredible profession 
'Property Success' is a new book series by leading Auctioneer and Top Selling Agent Maria Lawrance who is excited to be teaching Australians how to successfully buy and sell property. 

"By the end of this book I hope to have convinced you that an Auction Listing is BY FAR the BEST listing in your portfolio I want to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, dismiss all your fears and LIST AUCTIONS "

Author: Maria Lawrance
Publisher: Sqrol Publications
Published: 04/27/2014
Pages: 132
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.41lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.28d
ISBN: 9780992416577

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