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Amazing Food Made Easy - Sous Vide: The Authoritative Guide to Low Temperature Precision Cooking

Amazing Food Made Easy - Sous Vide: The Authoritative Guide to Low Temperature Precision Cooking

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Do you want to get the most out of your sous vide machine?

Are you looking to consistently prepare great food with a minimal amount of effort?

If you nodded your head "Yes" then this book was written for you

Sous vide has two huge advantages for both the novice and experienced cook. Most importantly it will allow you to significantly increase the quality and consistency of the dishes you create on a daily basis. And for those of you whose lives are harried, the sous vide technique also allows you to create remarkable meals while working around your hectic schedule.

Amazing Food Made Easy: Sous Vide is the best selling full-color version of Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Sous Vide and is the authoritative guide to low temperature precision cooking and it will help make sous vide a part of your everyday cooking arsenal.

Sous vide is a simple an extremely effective way to cook. This book covers every step of the sous vide process, from seasoning, sealing, and temperature control to how to determine the times and temperatures needed to turn out great food. There are also extensive write ups for the main types of food including steak and red meat, pork, fish and shellfish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and much more.

What You Get In This Book

- The bulk of this book is the more than 85 recipes it contains. Designed so you can skim the recipes, looking for something that inspires you, or turn to a specific recipe to learn all about how to cook the cut of meat it features.

- A detailed look at the entire sous vide process, including pre-sous vide preparation, sous vide sealing, temperature control, determining time and temperatures, and finishing sous vided foods.

- More than 85 recipes providing a wide variety of dishes across many cuts of meat and types of vegetables. They include:

- Beef, Lamb, and Other Red Meat
- Pork - Sausage and Ground Meats
- Chicken, Turkey, Duck, and Poultry
- Eggs
- Fish and Shellfish
- Fruits and Vegetables
- Infusions of Alcohol, Oil, and Vinegar
- Sweet and Sours such as yogurt, creme brulee, and dulce de leche

- An introduction to the equipment you will need for cooking sous vide. From a simple no-cost method that will allow you to give sous vide cooking a try, to a low-cost setup that will meet all of your sous vide cooking needs.

- A comprehensive sous vide time and temperature chart, as well as cooking-by-thickness times.

- More than 35 "Modernist Notes" with suggestions for using modernist ingredients and techniques to turn everyday meals into upscale and elegant dishes.

If you want to use sous vide to prepare amazing food simply and easily then this is the book for you

Author: Jason Logsdon
Publisher: Primolicious LLC
Published: 04/08/2016
Pages: 284
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.55lbs
Size: 9.25h x 7.50w x 0.69d
ISBN: 9780991050192

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