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Lazuli Literary Group

Azure: A Journal of Literary Thought (Vol. 6)

Azure: A Journal of Literary Thought (Vol. 6)

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The annual print anthology of the online quarterly AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought, a project of Lazuli Literary Group.

Lazuli Literary Group is a platform dedicated to fostering the delight of the literary imagination through a small publishing press, writing contests, and an online/print literary journal, AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought. We are particularly drawn to writing that broadens the concept of "literary" to one that pulls from a global pedigree of storytelling technique. We seek authors who revel in the rhythmic possibilities of the poetic line, who contemplate the flavor, the shape, and the history of every word they use; who are so committed to the pyrotechnics of the written word that they comprehend the beauty of classical forms and yet feel compelled to constantly re-invent their craft. Our goal is to support underrepresented styles of writing, specifically within a genre that we have imagined, which we call otherworld realism. We like work that generates an eclectic mix of literary, lyrical, experimental and witty reading experiences; as such, we publish works that may not be suited for mass consumption due to their raw yet polished innovations in content and form.

Author: Sakina B. Fakhri
Publisher: Lazuli Literary Group
Published: 05/08/2023
Pages: 130
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.60lbs
Size: 10.00h x 8.00w x 0.28d
ISBN: 9780999424377
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