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Eskkar Enterprises

Battle For Empire

Battle For Empire

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Battle For Empire is the latest novel in Sam Barone's six part series, a bronze age historical saga in the tradition of Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell, and Jean Auel. In Dawn of Empire, Eskkar the warrior and Trella the slave girl come together in a mighty struggle to survive a barbarian invasion and build mankind's first walled city. Fifteen years have passed, and under Trella's guidance, Akkad has become the most prosperous and powerful city in the Land Between the Rivers. Now Eskkar and Trella face new menaces to their growing empire - an invasion from the north, the return of the hostile steppes horsemen, and their rebellious son, Sargon, who threatens to destroy everything his parents have worked so hard to create. Eskkar must face his former clan in a battle that only one side can survive. Meanwhile, his son Sargon, instead of preparing for his role as heir to the throne, falls deeper into idleness and disrepute. In desperation, his parents banish Sargon, sending him to the barbarian warriors of the steppes to learn honor or die. But even as he dreams of taking power from his parents, Sargon encounters Tashanella, the beautiful and gifted daughter of the clan's chief. She shows Sargon a different path to the future. When he is suddenly thrust into battle, Sargon discovers that he must learn the way of the warrior not only to survive, but to save Tashanella's life, and the city of Akkad. As Eskkar and Trella deal with the northern invasion, Bracca, Eskkar's companion from the old days, risks his life to bring warning of yet another danger. The mighty Elamite Empire, the near mythical land beyond the mountains, has cast its eyes on the riches of the Land Between the Rivers. The Elamites must expand to survive, and they, too, plan to invade the Land Between the Rivers and reduce its people to slavery. Eskkar and Trella must find some way to defeat this vastly superior force, not of untrained barbarian hordes, but skilled soldiers led by experienced conquerors. All of Eskkar's battle skills will be put to the test. And Sargon becomes the reluctant warrior who holds the key not only to Akkad salvation, but to his parents' survival.

Author: Sam Barone
Publisher: Eskkar Enterprises
Published: 05/02/2013
Pages: 490
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.57lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 1.09d
ISBN: 9780985162627

About the Author
Born and raised in Queens, New York, Sam Barone graduated from Manhattan College with a BS degree. After a hitch in the Marine Corps, he entered the world of technology. In 1999, after thirty years developing software in management, Sam retired from Western Union International, as VP of International Systems. He moved to Scottsdale Arizona, to take up his second career as a writer. Seven years later, the author's first Eskkar story, Dawn of Empire, was published in the USA and UK. It has since been released worldwide. Sam's sixth book in the Eskkar saga, Clash of Empires, will be published in spring 2013. History and reading have always been two of Sam's favorite interests, and considers himself more of a storyteller than a writer. "I write stories that I would enjoy reading, and it's a true blessing that others have found these tales interesting, informative, and entertaining." Sam and his wife Linda, and their two cats (Minga and Norton) enjoy life in beautiful Prescott Arizona. Sam's books have been published in nine languages and he has over 200,000 readers. He receives correspondence from all over the world. Sam enjoys hearing from his readers, and invites them to visit

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