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Bones of Skull Island

Bones of Skull Island

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"The prophecy of Surly Max is an ancient legend, one that goes back seven hundred thousand years."

Hunter and his family travel to the Baja Peninsula for a summer vacation. While searching for artifacts with his amateur archeologist father, they discover a jawbone that startles them when it quickly moves toward the family's yurt. With the help of another camper, Professor B., they contain the powerful jawbone until he can attach a tracking device to it. The jawbone is part of the remains of Surly Max, a hobbit killed by a pirate named Crazy Pete. Hunter, his father, Professor B., and another camper, Stella, follow the jawbone. The professor tells them of a curse put on Surly Max by Crazy Pete's wife. Only after Surly Max finds all his scattered bones and reassembles himself will there finally be peace and prosperity for the creatures who live on the peninsula. What follows will take Hunter and the rest on an exciting adventure filled with mythical creatures and amazing sights. The author's book is written in magical realism and contains things like talking animals and trees. The reader is pulled into the plot through its fast action and the mystery of the curse. The narrative takes one on a fantastical journey throughout the Baja Peninsula. As the group follows the jawbone of Surly Max, there are plenty of intriguing events that capture the imagination. The book is well-written and action-packed, with a plot that brings readers face to face with a talking tree and owl, a seaweed creature, and the last Makki, known as Big Foot. There is plenty here to have readers quickly turning the pages as the characters journey into the wilderness of the Baja Peninsula. This adventure is suitable for young adult readers and adults who enjoy works filled with unexpected magical events



Author: A. Remlov
Publisher: Urlink Print & Media, LLC
Published: 03/09/2023
Pages: 94
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.30lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.19d
ISBN: 9781684863686

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