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Undaunted Press

Bound for the Western Sea: : The Canine Account of the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Bound for the Western Sea: : The Canine Account of the Lewis & Clark Expedition

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When Meriwether Lewis purchases an enormous Newfoundland dog named Seaman, it's the start of an epic friendship. Crossing the continent with the Corps of Discovery, the dog contends with hostile Tetons, rampaging grizzlies, dwindling rations and Watlala kidnapers. But his toughest adversary is the dark shadow that perches on his Master's shoulders. Rooted in historical fact observed through the eyes-and the nose, ears, jaws, paws and heart-of a grand dog, Seaman's retelling of the bold and perilous journey carries you up the Missouri River and across the Shining Mountains. The canine account sheds new light on the thrill of discovery and the inevitable clash of cultures, on heroism, human foibles, race relations and cuisine (ah, the aroma of buffalo hump, of boudin blanc and beavertail...) Bound for the Western Sea is also a special kind of love story, as Seaman's devotion to his Master illuminates the extraordinary sense of purpose that empowered a gifted but troubled man to battle his inner demons and lead the Corps to the Pacific. Travel with Lewis & Clark, their brotherhood of daring young men, a Shoshone girl with a baby on her back, and the loyal narrator as the explorers head into the uncharted West on an American adventure you'll never forget. Also available is a companion CD of period and original music, performed by Harry Harpoon & friends and also titled Bound for the Western Sea.

Author: Laura Lee Yates
Publisher: Undaunted Press
Published: 02/13/2016
Pages: 316
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.02lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.71d
ISBN: 9780997349108

About the Author
Laura Lee Yates thrives in a Colorado mountain valley on the west side of the Continental Divide. Returning from an exploration of Montana, she became obsessed with viewing the Lewis & Clark expedition through the eyes of the Newfoundland dog that accompanied the Corps. Currently a librarian but long employed in the veterinary field-always accompanied by large-breed canines-Laura Lee enmeshed herself in the original journals as well as contemporary research to ensure the accuracy of historical detail. An accompanying music CD is available, also titled Bound for the Western Sea, featuring Lewis & Clark period tunes as well as original songs with lyrics by Laura Lee, performed and produced by her partner, Harry Harpoon. Please visit for news about Lewis & Clark presentations as well as upcoming projects, including Laura Lee's coming-of-age novel Moon over the Mountain, about a homesteading family and Chief Joseph's band of Nez Perce attempting to coexist in the Wallowa Valley of Oregon in the 1870s.

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