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Human Kinetics Publishers

Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff

Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff

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Over 225,000 copies of Yoga Anatomy have sold since its release in 2007, making it one of the most popular yoga titles in print. As a result, yoga audiences worldwide have inundated Leslie Kaminoff with invitations to hold workshops demonstrating his specific techniques to yoga participants and instructors.

Unfortunately, only a portion of the 18 million yoga enthusiasts in the United States can attend those workshops to benefit from Kaminoff's unique gifts as a teacher--until now. With the click of a button, viewers at home or in the gym can join Kaminoff's demonstrations with Breath-Centered Yoga. The 90-minute DVD provides participants the information they need to increase flexibility, balance, strength, relaxation, and mental clarity.

The DVD is divided into one 30-minute routine and three 20- minute routines and offers the ability to easily combine the 20-minute routines into one complete 60-minute program. In each routine are four models performing the exercises showing different pose variations and breath pacing. Individualized instruction and cues from Kaminoff explain which model is appropriate for viewers to follow and how to tailor those routines and poses to meet the needs of viewers who are lacking in flexibility, deficient in upper-body strength, or heavyset.

The DVD includes a separate audio track that details the methodology and theory for teaching Kaminoff's breath-centered approach; it incorporates flowing sequences to improve relaxation, mental clarity, and balance. With essential variations and clear descriptions, Breath-Centered Yoga is the perfect resource for yoga enthusiasts and instructors.

Author: Leslie Kaminoff
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Published: 09/02/2010
Binding Type: DVD
Weight: 0.25lbs
Size: 7.50h x 5.30w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9780736092357

About the Author
Leslie Kaminoff
is the author of the highly successful book Yoga Anatomy. With more than 20 years of experience, he is internationally recognized as a specialist in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy. He is cofounder and co-head instructor, with Yoga Anatomy co-author Amy Matthews, of the Breathing Project, a New York City-based yoga studio dedicated to the teaching of individualized breath-centered yoga practice and therapy. He currently practices as a yoga educator and teaches anatomy in New York City and advises various yoga schools on the anatomy content of their national certification program. He has led workshops for many of the leading yoga associations, schools, and training programs in the United States, and he has helped organize international yoga conferences and symposia. Kaminoff is the founder of the highly respected international yoga blog e-Sutra, and he has been a featured yoga expert in Yoga Journal and the New York Times as well as online at WebMD, FoxNews Online, and Kaminoff resides in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, with his wife, Uma, and his three sons.

Robert Spalding Newcomb is an artist whom people consistently find difficult to categorize, especially in a music scene as diverse as the one in his hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, computer programmer, theorist, writer, and poet who combines elements of numerous musical disciplines and cultural domains into a performance style that is truly a unique matrix of energies. Creative explorations focus on the study of musical and linguistic structure, complex systems, cognition, transcendent states, and improvisational performance.

In the 1980s, while living in New York City, Robert Newcomb studied hatha yoga extensively with the centenarian Sri Swami Buaji Maharaj (Swami Bua), and he is still an avid practitioner of yoga and other body-mind disciplines. During that period, Leslie and Robert collaborated on the creation of a yoga instructional audiotape titled Vinyasa Yoga Movement with Breath and Music, which featured the composition "Measured Breath" as a backdrop for a floor sequence very similar to the one appearing on this DVD. The design of that piece was an intricate mapping of breath and movement to rhythmic and timbral musical elements. Its inclusion more than 20 years later as part of this volume brings the collaboration full circle.

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