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Grey Forest Press, LLC

Brothers Of The Wind: An Angloromani Family Saga

Brothers Of The Wind: An Angloromani Family Saga

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A 19th century British Gypsy family fight injustice on three continents. Inspired by real people and events, set in England Romania, and Australia, Brothers Of The Wind is filled with real English Romany voices, folklore, culture, language and romance.

England 1830, the Industrial Revolution has brought prosperity for many, but hardship for Adam Stanley, the Romany horse trader and bare-knuckle boxer. The campsites that his family have enjoyed for three centuries gradually disappear and new anti-vagrancy laws have further compounded the difficulty in leading a peaceful, Gypsy life.

A horse deal goes wrong, presenting Judge Horatio Kingsley with an opportunity to make an example of Adam and his brother Charles. Charles is sentenced to death, whilst Adam is imprisoned in the notorious Portsmouth prison hulks where his warders force him into brutal, relentless fights for their profit.

Fate takes pity on Adam as Judge Kingsley's mission worker daughter fosters his sons. Her sense of equality and fairness inspires the boys to fight slavery and injustice on two continents in this sweeping, epic, heart-rending family saga.

Author: Thomas Bryer
Publisher: Grey Forest Press, LLC
Published: 07/07/2018
Pages: 204
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.50lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.47d
ISBN: 9780983258322
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