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Francine Jesse

Castaneda for Dummies: A Simple Tale of Power

Castaneda for Dummies: A Simple Tale of Power

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This is not a regular for dummies manual. The book is titled that, if only to suggest it's simplistic nature of what is actually a complex arena. It is a simple bonafide tale of power, by myself, who is involved in a shamanic apprenticeship. My benefactor was an apprentice of someone that is in the same lineage of warriors that were written about by Carlos Castaneda. To my knowledge this was someone that Carlos was not aware of. My teacher's teacher had more direct contact with Don Juan Matus and Don Genaro. I am not any kind of expert on Carlos or his work. I am a person of some experience in the subjects he spoke about. I am a person with my own experiences of that same subject matter. I even recall my teachers teacher saying not to get too hung up in those books. He wasn't devaluing them in the least but only pointing out that they have their tales of power and you have yours. It is in the spirit of this invitation that you read this as yet another guidepost in your own journey into the unknown. His works and the works of his varied associates have been and will always be a beacon of light on the subject. This is a story of my introduction into meeting members of a shaman party. It is the essence of how their energetic magnetism entranced me in heightened awareness as their knowledge was stored in me for over two decades. This is essentially a compilation of my shamanic benefactor Jonah's teachings, as passed down from his teacher. My journey thus far into the unknown has revealed to me that lucid dreaming is a reality, and that the human capability to experience a separate reality is in fact a reality. I know enough to know that I barely know anything, and that there is a world that exists where your energy can be harnessed to grant you other levels of waking state reality. I was very blessed to meet these people. This is a tale of abilities that can be cultivated in one's own exploration of human consciousness. It is to recognize the illuminating earth for the sentient being that she is, and that there is magical enchantment, love and power, available for us to become aware of. It is about feeling the magic garden around us in both the most simple and dramatic fashions. It is about respect for power and for the earth. It is a gift of power what Carlos Castaneda left for us in his books. My teacher felt that his ability to write in heightened awareness aided in his genius. His depiction of the knowledge from Don Juan Matus is something of great fortune that he gave us. I can tell you, my experience of my teacher and of his teacher have been the peak moments of my lifetime. When I sit back and think of what I saw and how I felt in conversation with my Teachers teacher, there is a calmness and a feeling of shock at the same time. The depth of heightened awareness was full blown even in comparison to the years of it with my teacher. There was an energetic magnitude that words do not symbolize.

Author: Jaime Paris
Publisher: Francine Jesse
Published: 10/05/2016
Pages: 506
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.28lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 1.02d
ISBN: 9780692725368

About the Author
Jaime Paris is currently living a quiet and private life continuing to explore a variety of her interests. Music, writing, fitness, nature and shamanism figure high on the list. She is still pursuing her apprenticeship. She is not at liberty or have the energy to engage in public exchange. Her thankfulness to her readers is sincere. What her teacher felt most important was leaving this place better then when you had found it. Her only real purpose beyond her own ascending is to impress upon the world, the consummate importance of surviving ecological disaster and leaving a living earth for future generations. An Indian is one who loves the earth. Our paradise is here if we just open our eyes and see. She hopes to write a sequel sharing new experience and maturity at some time. She wishes the readers much love.

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