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Vault Comics

Dark One, Book 1, 1

Dark One, Book 1, 1

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From #1 New York Times Bestselling, Hugo Award-winning author, Brandon Sanderson, comes DARK ONE. Paul Tanasin is haunted by visions of a dark, fantastic world. A world called Mirandus. A world he must shatter.


From #1 New York Times bestselling, Hugo Award-winning author, Brandon Sanderson (THE MISTBORN TRILOGY, THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE series), along with Nathan Gooden, Jackson Lanzing, and Collin Kelly, comes DARK ONE, the first book in a series of original graphic novels from Vault Comics.

Paul Tanasin is a young man haunted by visions of a dark and fantastic world--visions he initially believes are hallucinations. But when he discovers they are prophecies from Mirandus, a world in which he's destined to become a fearsome destroyer, he'll have to embrace the fear, rise up as the Dark One, and shatter everything. DARK ONE examines the dual roles we often take on in life-the ability to be a savior as well as a destroyer.

Author: Brandon Sanderson, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly
Publisher: Vault Comics
Published: 05/18/2021
Pages: 224
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.70lbs
Size: 10.40h x 6.90w x 0.70d
ISBN: 9781939424457

About the Author
Lanzing, Jackson: - "Jackson Lanzing is a creative professional with a wide-ranging skillset. By day, he's a creative director in brand marketing with an expertise in film & television. By night, he's a New York Times Bestselling writer of comics, digital series, film, television, and animation.

JACKSON LANZING, THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR has over a decade of experience in digital and audiovisual marketing. He started his career at Electronic Arts, where he handled day-to-day production and post for "Battlecast Primetime," an innovative hourlong e-sports series. He has since moved into film and television marketing as Creative Director at Jump! Creative, producing award-winning digital content and TV spots for Disney, Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Fox, Sony Pictures, and more. While he oversees creative at Jump, he also still cuts his favorite spots himself.

JACKSON LANZING, THE WRITER is a screenwriter and New York Times Bestselling comic book creator alongside co-writer Collin Kelly, known for JOYRIDE (Boom! Studios), BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL (DC Comics), GOTHAM CITY GARAGE (DC Comics), ZOJAQAN (Vault), and Alyssa Milano's HACKTIVIST (Archaia). Parallel to their comics career, Lanzing/Kelly are screenwriters - since 2010 they've developed and written over a dozen screenplays both on spec or assignment for directors/producers like Peter Berg, Akiva Goldsman, Tim Kring, and Barry Josephson. They also wrote all 13 episodes of YouTube Red's original animated series KINGS OF ATLANTIS, and produced/starred in two live-RPG series: VAST (Legendary Digital) and CHAMPIONS OF THE EARTH (Nerdsmith). In 2018/2019, they partnered with Adam Goodman and directors Pagan/Deustchman on an UNTITLED HORROR PROJECT, wrapped TOMB RAIDER for Dark Horse, took over GREEN ARROW for DC Comics, launched STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE at IDW, and began work on DARK ONE, a three-book original graphic novel series with multiple-time Bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

Jackson Lanzing/Los Angeles/CA

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https: //"Kelly, Collin: - Collin Kelly/Los Angeles/CA

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Gooden, Nathan C.: - An award-winning illustrator and sequential artist, Nathan C. Gooden is Art Director at Vault Comics. Nathan studied animation at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and worked in film production, before co-founding Vault Comics. Nathan's previous works include Brandon Sanderson's Dark One (Vault), Barbaric (Vault), Zojaqan (Vault), and Killbox (from American Gothic Press). He lives in Southern California, where he plays a lot of basketball and hikes constantly with his wife.

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