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Dragon's Tattoo 666 Ltd.

Dragon's Tattoo 666 Trilogy: Rapture's Aftermath, Rocky Mountain Sanctuary, Zombie Plagues

Dragon's Tattoo 666 Trilogy: Rapture's Aftermath, Rocky Mountain Sanctuary, Zombie Plagues

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ZOMBIES (IN THE BIBLE) BLOOD VIRUS PLAGUE (IN THE BIBLE) FLYING VAMPIRE LIKE HELL MONSTERS, (IN THE BIBLE) ZOMBIES CANNOT BE KILLED FOR FIRST 150 DAYS (IN THE BIBLE) ALL WATER SOURCES TURN TO BLOOD (IN THE BIBLE) One fateful morning, Joe and Maria find themselves in the middle of an explosive event they cannot comprehend. Their home blows up around them, and they see "fireworks" in the sky. There are reports of people being vaporized and vanishing into thin air. Joe and Maria soon learn the Rapture has happened... and the horrifying truth sinks in that they were not chosen, nor were they taken. Nevertheless, their challenges are far from over. Along with Joe's brother, Tom, they must navigate the Rapture's aftermath, relying on a supernatural guide named Mel for assistance. Dragon's Tattoo 666 Trilogy offers a series of Christian, spiritually inspired suspense novels written by Richard D. VanderPloeg. Based on more than six thousand hours of research, these narratives expose more than fifty biblical secrets while describing prophecies and providing in-depth knowledge about God's plan of salvation. Inspired by the book of Revelation, Dragon's Tattoo 666 Trilogy seeks to redefine how the masses of Christians and others seek and find the mysteries of God's plan of salvation. All over the world, deceived populations open their hearts and souls to a galactic imposter (Revelations, Great Red Dragon) posing as their messiah returned. Those seeing through his masquerade are targeted for slaughter by the hundreds of millions by the False Prophet (Revelations, Land Beast) and False President (Revelations, Sea Beast) that come to be known as the Unholy Trinity. God sends two supernatural beings to earth for 1260 days, they trump the combined power of the unholy trinity and issue countless plagues upon the antichrist turning all their water sources into fresh blood. Flying Hell Monsters numbering the billions that release the dreaded blood virus whereby the infected numbering in the billions worldwide, cannot die for 150 days, and that's just the beginning of their 1260 days of hell on earth. ZOMBIES in the BIBLE? Read an entire chapter devoted to what the Bible has to say about them or remain ignorant until they bite you. Even as we speak, the National Guard is training soldiers using extremely powerful weapons on how to kill zombies, "weird or what".

Author: Richard D. Vanderploeg
Publisher: Dragon's Tattoo 666 Ltd.
Published: 09/01/2014
Pages: 640
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.61lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 1.29d
ISBN: 9780986756238

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