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Drama Team Handbook

Drama Team Handbook

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Drama has power.
It can awaken us. Make us curious. Reveal our inner desires and passions. Remind us of our foolishness.
Drama has power in worship.
It can snap us out of our Sunday morning (or Saturday night) trance. It can draw us into the story of Scripture. It can help us see our sin. It can motivate us to change.

But drama can also be dull, predictable, guilt-inducing and just plain cheesy. How do we avoid the pitfalls and discover the power?
Alison Siewert and her team of writers have some ideas about that. They offer in this handbook articles on every aspect of drama ministry--from why it's biblical to how to direct a performance, from warm-ups for actors to how to write your own sketches. You'll learn how to do drama that is simple and meaningful--without experienced actors. You'll learn how to craft drama with authenticity and excellence. Also included are cutting-edge sketches for the postmodern crowd that you can reproduce for your drama team and use in your ministry.
Drama has power to change lives. Drama Team Handbook will show you how.

Author: Alison Siewert
Publisher: IVP Books
Published: 09/15/2003
Pages: 233
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.05lbs
Size: 10.08h x 7.02w x 0.72d
ISBN: 9780830823642

About the Author
Siewert and Others, Alison: - She was director of the Urbana 03 Theater Team and is cofounder and director of ransomTHEdonKey, a theater group that performs in many settings, including campuses and churches. Previously, she has worked as a church planter, worship designer and InterVarsity staff trainer.

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