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Saint Julian Press, Inc.

Endless: A Literate Passion

Endless: A Literate Passion

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Endless: A Literate Passion is a transformative collection of dramatic monologues that transport the reader through exotic and sensuous ports--the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, Manhattan, the Silicon Valley--and into the secret lives and loves of our most beloved icons--Anais Nin and Henry Miller, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation, Anne Morrow and Charles Lindbergh, and Marilyn Monroe...with exquisite cover art "Anais & Henry" by painter Eric Anfinson, Endless is a must for lovers of travel, of words, of passion, and transformation...

Artist Eric Anfinson, creator of Anais and Henry, explains: "Anne's writing is intimate, tactile, rhythmic and vast...I found myself taken to many places and into different periods of time..."

About Anais & Henry, Anfinson shares: "Henry Miller is focused on the lady in red dress, a combination of Anne Tammel and Anais Nin...Passion corners us, yet we yearn to be there...The balcony, the space of their relationship, is surrounded by beauty and perils...Miller is seated; his power is an intellect and internal passion...with the silk red journal, positioned between them, 'and red silk journals are covered in sweat and secrets...' Water, sky, and land allow for the endless waves, sky, and travel, and also represent the emotions, conscious, and unconsciousness of our lives..."

"ENDLESS reads like a love letter...I feel I'm inside a museum of daring sculptures, a Grecian sun glinting off the bone white marble. The collection--voluptuous. Its rhythms searching, sensual, and authentic 'like a wife--an insatiable wife...a lover of silk...and words...and your breath, ' finding the authentic voice within the poet's internal theater. I slipped easily into these literary shoes to stride confidently across the stage..."
Lois P. Jones, Kyoto Poetry Journal

"ENDLESS is a mantic book, the handiwork of a sorceress and magicienne, of one whose gifts with language and perception transform the sublunary and timely into pictures of dynamic put the collection aside is suddenly to see a landscape in a new light where grey and white are perpetually moving but without invention or causality. It is refreshing and rare to read such flawless poetry. Hence, ENDLESS is made into an object I return to frequently and continue to keep with me."
Kevin McGrath, Harvard University

"Moving page by page through the red silk journals of the heart, Anne Tammel takes the reader on a journey through a historical and literary landscape so vibrant, so vividly and generously splashed with color and love that it could only be explored through poetry. Here is a woman, who, much like the great artists about whom she writes, not only looks at the world with extraordinary, resplendent vision, but who has the courage and talent to offer that vision beautifully to the world."
Melissa Studdard, I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast

"Lovely, lovely A most impressive, artistic collection that definitely will be enjoyed by all and everyone..."
Anders Dahlgren, Mediterranean Poetry

Author: Anne Tammel
Publisher: Saint Julian Press, Inc.
Published: 11/25/2015
Pages: 114
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.39lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.27d
ISBN: 9780996523103
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