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Game of Pawns: Gino Ranno Takes Control

Game of Pawns: Gino Ranno Takes Control

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The head of the biggest NYC crime family, Carmine Miceli, Jr., is taken in on racketeering charges. His life-long friend, Gino Ranno, is forced to become the head of the family he has so desperately tried to keep at arm's length in this 3rd book of Louis Romano's Gino Ranno, mob series (FISH FARM, BESA).

The first order of business: The Russian mob. Infringing on the illegal profits made on the streets through prostitution, insurance scams, and the drug world, the Russians are also engaged in harvesting young, female body parts, through surgeons who are secretly on their payroll, to be sold onto the black market to the highest bidder.

As Gino and the Albanian mafia join forces to end these brutal murders, a well-to-do American family find themselves in a quandary when their college-aged son is in desperate need of a kidney transplant and they are offered one for a price. How far will they go to save their son?

Drawn into their high stakes game... A GAME OF PAWNS ... Gino soon comes to the heart-pounding realization that his life and a slew of people he's known for years are dependent upon him to keep them safe and any of his decisions now will determine whether he, his friends, and associates live or die.

The Gino Ranno series: The streets of NYC are getting increasingly narrow as the different nationalities of mob families are wanting more than their fair share of illegal, money-making activities. In FISH FARM it was the mafia vs the Colombian drug lords, then in the 5-time award-winning BESA the Albanians start an inner mob war when one of their own is shot during a drug deal gone bad, and now the Russians, who think they can muscle their way into Gino's backyard.

Louis Romano's extensive hands-on research for GAME OF PAWNS has been compared to a Patricia Cornwell novel for its accuracy

Author: Louis Romano
Publisher: Vecchia Publishing
Published: 03/24/2016
Pages: 380
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.12lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.78d
ISBN: 9780986047053

About the Author
Romano, Louis: - Born in The Bronx, NY in 1950, Romano hit the literary scene in 2010 at the age of 60. Having written raw, urban poetry since he was 18, he compiled his works into two books, and a new career was on its way. Drawing from the great response he received from those books, Anxiety's Nest and Anxiety's Cure, he followed up his newfound passion for writing with his stunning, gruesome, mob novel, Fish Farm. Following Fish Farm was the 5-time award-winning for best screenplay, and yet another mobster book, BESA. The recurring characters in this series solidified Romano's dedicated readership. This book, GAME OF PAWNS, is what follows after the shock at the end of BESA. He developed a second series, with new characters Detective Vic Gonnella and Raquel Ruiz in 2012, and has been knocking down doors with his smash hit, INTERCESSION, since transferring his works to Vecchia Publishing. The second book in the Vic Gonnella series, YOU THINK I'M DEAD has just been released, and a third book deal for this series already in the works. Louis Romano's insistence on excellence is shown throughout his other business endeavors in the oil and healthcare industries. He carries this through into his literary career, researching and writing with accuracy to please even the most educated reader on the topic at hand, yet presenting it in such a way that casual readers find themselves easily engrossed as well. While passionate about writing, Romano is also known for his compassion, and fighting for the underdog. He sits on the board of Road-to-Recovery, a non-profit charity that assists victim-survivors of clergy sexual abuse. He also "forces" himself to play golf a lot, most usually with a respectable score, and can be seen at many charitable golf outings. He enjoys spending time with his grandsons, traveling, and hanging out with his dog, Rocco. Mr. Romano is published by Vecchia Publishing, LLC Centurion Associates Marketing & Publicity (CAMP) Email: Phone: 608-790-2374 Fax: 201-391-7251 Titles by Louis Romano URBAN POETRY COLLECTION: Anxiety's Nest Anxiety's Cure GINO RANNO MOB SERIES: FISH FARM, BESA, CHECKMATE! GAME OF PAWNS DETECTIVE VIC GONNELLA SERIES: INTERCESSION, YOU THINK I'M DEAD

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