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Southern Mantis Press

Grandmasters of China Volume One: Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Series

Grandmasters of China Volume One: Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Series

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China National Kungfu SurveyTM - Direct from Beijing

  • 3 Year National Survey of all China
  • 8,000 Researchers / Field Workers
  • 15,000 Kungfu Masters Interviewed
  • Encyclopedia Compilation / Over 400 Hours of Video

    In this Tradtional Chinese Kungfu SeriesTM

  • 12 Volumes in Print
  • Over 100 Hours of Video on DVD and Download

    About this Volume One:

  • Coffee Table Color Pictorial of Traditional Chinese Kungfu since 1771
  • Free Video Download - see page 101
  • Origins, History, Practices

    In this Volume One:

    Six Styles, 13 Grandmasters and More

    From 1983-1986, some 8,000 researchers travelled to the remotest corners of vast China and called on 15,000 old martial art masters. The project had no parallel in the history of China's sports.

    It was on the basis of these extensive investigations that an encyclopaedia of some 130 schools of Chinese martial arts was compiled and an archive of over 400 hours of videotape were collected.

    A historical treasure of tradtional Chinese kungfu since 1771. In this Volume: Origins, history, and practices of Tai Chi (Chen and Yang), Plum Blossom Boxing, Zi Ran Men the Natural Boxing, Dacheng Boxing, Ba Gua Eight Diagrams Boxing, and more.

    More than 125 historical full color, full page photographs including the founders and successors: Li Ziming, Chen Fake, Chen Xiaowang, Yang Luchan, Yang Chengfu, Yang Zhenduo, Dong Haichuan, Du Xinwu, Wan Laisheng, Han Qichang, Han Jianzhong, Wang Xiangzhai, Wang Xuanjie, Tian Hui and others.

    From the Martial Arts of China Magazine Archives and Publisher Roger D. Hagood.

    Discover more about the China National Kungfu Survey in this Volume of Grandmasters of China

    Receive your Free Video Download and the complete China National Kungfu Survey video list - see page 101 of this book

    Hardcover, full color, 125+ photographs, 122 pages.

    Start your Collection with this Volume One today

    Author: Charles Alan Clemens
    Publisher: Southern Mantis Press
    Published: 12/15/2012
    Pages: 117
    Binding Type: Hardcover
    Weight: 0.64lbs
    Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.31d
    ISBN: 9780985724054

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