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Inner Works Press

Heaven In Our Hearts: Selected poems by Nick LeForce

Heaven In Our Hearts: Selected poems by Nick LeForce

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This collection of poems by the Nick LeForce, the Transformational Poet, comes with a warning: Never ask a poet for advice unless you are willing to tolerate ambiguity because a poet speaks in more than meaning, wraps words in rhythms, sounds in sensations; giving you, instead, a message in a bottletossed in the sea from a distant shore, written in a code you must crack and filled with the fragments of a mapthat may just lead you to the treasure your heart most desires.(Excerpt from "Message in a Bottle")And it does deliver a map by dividing the poems into four sections-Living, Losing, Learning, and Loving. Although this sequence is not mandatory, it serves as a guide. If we can use our living and losing as a learning to be more loving, then we do have a chance of finding "heaven in our hearts." The title comes from the poem, "Heaven," which celebrates the elevation of oneself that occurs when someone believes in you: Then, you came You believed in me.Your eyes twinkling like stars in the night skywitnessing my dreams. Your smile rising like the morning sun, melting walls and gates andawakening the magic in me.How can I ever give to you what you have given me?I offer what I have with love. I pour the wine of my words into your cup, wanting us to get drunk on life and share the heaven in our heart

Author: Nick Leforce
Publisher: Inner Works Press
Published: 09/01/2012
Pages: 102
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.28lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.21d
ISBN: 9780982116692

About the Author
I have been a part time poet for most of my life because I let the Muse take the lead and she comes and goes as she pleases. Though she is wild, she requires discipline from her disciples, a trait I admittedly lack. So, it has taken years for me to step into my identity as a poet and, only recently, actually stand before my classes and declare, "I am a poet." I am otherwise occupied as a life coach and trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy offering programs in the US, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, China and elsewhere. This book is a collection of selected works from seven little books of poetry I had previously printed up for friends and family and occasionally made available at classes. I have also authored several books, including I Owe You, You Owe Me: Breaking the shackles of emotional debt and creating abundant relationships, (2006); Coaching in the Workplace: A pocket guide of strategies and tools for powerful change, (2008); and Co-Creation: How to collaborate for results, (2009). Please follow me on twitter (nickleforce), friend with me on Facebook (www.facebook.nick.leforce), or visit my website at

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