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Bayyo and Doccy LLC

How We Became Us: A Memory Book for Families with Multiple Aliens, Plushies, or Traveling Toys

How We Became Us: A Memory Book for Families with Multiple Aliens, Plushies, or Traveling Toys

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Got an obsession with a little green alien? Join the club and join in the fun!

How We Became Us is the latest addition to the Our Galactic Memories series by BayYo and Doccy, a series of memory books for adoptive families of alien plush figures and their communities. Created specifically for families with multiple adopted aliens, How We Became Us features prompts and open spaces to record adoption history, names and dates, and more. Whether your aliens venture out into the world or make mischief at home, there are so many adventures to be found! Capture them all here. With white pages framed by short captions and decorative borders as the canvas, this book is the perfect place to explore creativity and preserve memories. Paste Happy Mail, photographs, drawings, stickers, stamps, or other memorabilia. Write or draw in the book itself. Create a scrapbook of this special time in galactic history with your little aliens at the center of the story! And celebrate the love all around.

Note: This book is not fandom-specific and is suitable for any adopted plush, though it features a space theme. Captions are written in BayYo's speaking style as a tribute to all the "fwens" across the galaxy.

Other books by BayYo and Doccy include:

  • Our Galactic Community: A Keepsake Book of Fwendship and Love. The first book in the Our Galactic Memories series by BayYo and Doccy, Our Galactic Community features alien-green pages with prompts and blank spaces to record your community memories.
  • First Year on Earth: A Keepsake Book of Our Little Alien (A Baby Book for Your Adopted Intergalactic Child). Possibly the first ever baby book for adopted aliens! First Year on Earth features dark blue pages with prompts and decorative details for the galactic parent in all of us.
  • Our Unusual Families: A Tale of One Little Alien's Unusual Families and a Celebration of Unusual Families Everywhere. An illustrated storybook about life in an unusual family as told by little alien BayYo. Our Unusual Families features simple, watercolor-style illustrations to reflect BayYo's view of the world. The book also features a foreword from BayYo about finding family and an afterword from Doccy about embracing unusualness.

Enjoy your literary and galactic adventures!

Author: Bayyo and Doccy
Publisher: Bayyo and Doccy LLC
Published: 03/29/2023
Pages: 46
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.99lbs
Size: 8.50h x 11.00w x 0.25d
ISBN: 9781737542063

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