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In the Image of Yhwh

In the Image of Yhwh

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In the Image of YHWH applies Quantitative Theology, or scientific and mathematical process, to understand the significance of specific numbers, times, structures, and events in the Holy Bible. The result of this analysis confirms the Holy Bible contains Time Dependent Revelation. This revelation is validated within the Holy Bible and also by secular statistical data that characterizes today's world society. Time Dependent Revelation addresses future events and brings into question some of today's commonly accepted biblical interpretations. It also raises issues that every individual both Christian and non-Christian should thoughtfully consider. Some of the topics addressed by the In the Image of YHWH include: (1) The ways an individual is like YHWH (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and other insights related to the trinity. (2) Biblical analysis from a detailed chronological and quantitative perspective. The analysis begins in Genesis 1 with YHWH s creation of the material universe, which establishes the year 0000 Anno Mundi (AM), the calendar that provides a detailed chronology for history of the world. (3) A new Original Sin (OS) calendar, which starts with the fall of man in the Garden of Eden at 0000 OS and continues through YHWH's reconciliation with mankind. Estimates for the time difference and variance between the Original Sin (OS) calendar, the AM calendar, and the Gregorian calendar are provided. (4) Time dependent revelation, which is YHWH's concealment in the Holy Bible of concepts requiring mankind s knowledge to attain a specific level before they can be understood. An example of time dependent revelation in the Holy Bible is a new interpretation of the seven churches in the Book of Revelation that would have been impossible until after 1960 AD, with the advent of the digital computer and numerical analysis. Using scientific process the seven churches are analyzed in a way that reveals new truth that would have been outside human knowledge at the time the Book of Revelation was written. (5) Characteristics of the first-death, which all people shall experience. (6) YHWH's soul harvest, which includes every individual soul that exists on earth in the latter days prior to the start of the seven year Tribulation Period. The Holy Bible's Book of Revelation is informative to any generation, but it is targeted specifically for the generation that will experience the seven year Tribulation Period. The Book of Revelation details what specifically will happen to each individual during the Tribulation Period, based upon his type of soul. (7) The issues and decisions that each individual with a particular soul type will be confronted with in the near future when YHWH harvests the souls of all mankind. (8) The mystery of individual soul development before and during YHWH's millennial kingdom. (9) The Great White Throne Judgment and the second-death for some individuals. (10) The requirements for a good personal relationship with YHWH."

Author: Dallas Dean Stratman
Publisher: Afj Books LLC
Published: 09/02/2015
Pages: 276
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.82lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.58d
ISBN: 9780983494812

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