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Cnwynn Publications

Jack Taylor Cases: The Holiday Hotel

Jack Taylor Cases: The Holiday Hotel

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Jack Taylor and his mother are still struggling to settle into their new lives without Jack's father as they journey to his hometown for the holidays. Jack's mother is clinging desperately to happy memories, but she doesn't seem to remember that she's repeating the same day over and over. The same bizarre repeating day brings Jack to a small town, where he finds an unexpected ally in an aspiring investigative journalist who has had a few strange days of her own. Their investigation leads them to the Holiday Hotel, and the two young people discover that the imaginary characters from their favorite stories are more realistic than they ever could have guessed.

In this wondrous hotel for vacationing holiday spirits, Jack finds himself caught up in an otherworldly mystery that threatens to destroy his world along with theirs. With the help of his new partner, an alluring fortune teller, and a few benevolent spirits, Jack uses his crackerjack detective skills to help him solve his first case and come closer to unraveling a deep family secret of his own. Readers have called it "The Nightmare Before Christmas meets Hardy Boys Mystery " and "The next great series of a new generation."

This young adult detective novel by Christian Wynn promises to be the first of many thrilling adventures as Jack Taylor's quest to reunite with his father takes him beyond the realm of even his wildest dreams. The Holiday Hotel is only his first stop. . . .

Author: C. N. Wynn
Publisher: Cnwynn Publications
Published: 04/27/2012
Pages: 238
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.78lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.54d
ISBN: 9780985570910

About the Author
Christian N. Wynn was born in northern California on May 17th, 1985 of Travis Air Force Base. His father retired from the military after twenty-two years and in 1992, Christian, his older sister, and his mother and father moved to Delaware. Here he received his diploma and after the death of his older brother was inspired to write The Jack Taylor Cases. A fan of both mysteries and fantasy novels Christian enjoys the art of films, traveling and reading works by Rich Riordan, Dan Handler and J.K. Rowling. Their novels making reading a strong presence in his life and opening a new world of enjoyment.

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