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Jesus' Family Ministries

Joseph is Dead: The Untold Story of Jesus' Family

Joseph is Dead: The Untold Story of Jesus' Family

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Family was more important to Jesus than you think. Discover the hidden narrative throughout the Gospels that was lost in translation... until now.

"A sweeping story of family, political and social struggle, and death and redemption that embodies the very message of Christian faith." (Midwest Book Review)

Jesus' family played an important role in his ministry, death, and resurrection. This narrative is often missed because of translation misunderstandings from the original Greek. Let D. Paul Schulz fill in these critical gaps to broaden your understanding of Jesus' life.

While many Christians think they know about the life of Jesus, few realize the less obvious--and rarely discussed--family ties woven throughout his ministry. For example, Mary didn't plan on having baby Jesus in a stable but with family living close by. When you learn the meaning and context of these family connections and how they motivated Jesus, you'll add new depth and vibrancy to your understanding of the Gospels.

In Joseph is Dead, you'll discover:

- The true sequence of events between Jesus' birth and the arrival of the Wise Men

- The role that Joseph and his family played in the unrecorded "silent years"

- What could have motivated Judas to betray Jesus in the way he did

- New meaning behind Jesus' appearance to Mary Magdalene and the Apostle Peter that provides greater comprehension of the Easter story

- Why Jesus was rejected by his hometown of Nazareth, and much, much more

Joseph is Dead uses biblical scholarship and insightful psychoanalysis to help draw conclusions about how Jesus' life relates to ours today. If you like boldly written Christian scholarship that's deeply insightful and accessible to the armchair reader, then you'll love D. Paul Schulz's revolutionary new book.

Buy Joseph is Dead today to experience Jesus in a whole new light.

Author: D. Paul Schulz
Publisher: Jesus' Family Ministries
Published: 03/31/2017
Pages: 232
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.70lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.49d
ISBN: 9780692818510

About the Author
Schulz, D. Paul: - Paul was raised Catholic but at the age of twelve was befriended by a parishioner of Assembly of God Church in Eugene, Oregon. Twenty-four years ago, while listening to the J. Vernon McGee radio program (Thru the Bible), Paul was struck by the great teacher of Christian doctrines. Consequently, he meticulously went thru the five volume set, McGee wrote. Even after twenty years of studying Paul marveled how great teachers, such as McGee overlooked the close personal relationships of Jesus. Such as the fact Joseph was dead and what the ramifications were regarding this fact. It grieved Paul, hearing many Christians ask; What did Jesus do before He was thirty? Paul thought it was evident what Jesus did, He lived out the Word in the flesh and took care of His widowed Mother and fatherless siblings (James 1:27 written by Jesus half-brother). Paul noticed Jesus was handing the care of His mother over to a family member in verse John 19:27. Apparently the fact John calls himself a disciple had thrown theology to ignore the fact that some in Jesus' Family were disciples. Over the course of several years, Paul noticed many other things about Jesus' life that hasn't been written. Paul is dyslexic, and writing is very difficult endeavor and hoped someone with great accolade would notice because there are thousands of books written about Jesus, but virtually none of His family. Paul felt the Spirit in his heart move him to set the record straight about Jesus Family relationships and about the Lords walk on earth. During a walk, pondering what to do about it, he saw something he interpreted to be a miracle. This inspired Paul to do the impossible for him, write a book.

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