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Learn all about Flutter (DART)

Learn all about Flutter (DART)

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Learn all about Flutter (DART)

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application development framework created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS from a single codebase.
Flutter is a unique framework in that it uses the Dart programming language, which allows for faster development and a more responsive user interface.

The book covers the following:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Flutter and Dart
Overview of Flutter and its advantages
Introduction to the Dart programming language
Setting up the Flutter development environment
Basics of Dart syntax
Flutter architecture and widget hierarchy

Chapter 2: Flutter Widgets
Introduction to Flutter widgets and their role
Working with basic Flutter widgets (Text, Image, Container, etc.)
Layout widgets and organizing the UI (Row, Column, Stack, etc.) in Flutter
Input and interaction widgets (Button, TextField, GestureDetector, etc.) in Flutter
Material Design and Cupertino widgets in Flutter

Chapter 3: State Management in Flutter
Understanding the concept of state in Flutter
Managing state using StatefulWidget and StatelessWidget in Flutter
Local state management techniques (setState, InheritedWidget) in Flutter
Using state management libraries (Provider, Riverpod, MobX) in Flutter
Architectural patterns for state management (BLoC, Redux) in Flutter

Chapter 4: Navigation and Routing in Flutter
Introduction to navigation in Flutter
Navigating between screens and passing data in Flutter
Named routes and route parameters in Flutter
Nested navigation and bottom navigation bars in Flutter
Deep linking and handling app links in Flutter

Chapter 5: Networking and Data Fetching in Flutter
Making HTTP requests with Dart
Fetching and displaying data from APIs in Flutter
Working with RESTful services and JSON data in Flutter
Authentication and secure communication in Flutter
Using libraries for networking (Dio, http, Chopper) in Flutter

Chapter 6: Data Persistence and Storage in Flutter
Introduction to data persistence in Flutter
Working with local databases (Sqflite, Moor) in Flutter
Storing data in key-value pairs (SharedPreferences) in Flutter
File storage and working with images in Flutter
Using cloud-based storage (Firebase Cloud Storage) in Flutter

Chapter 7: Working with External APIs and Services in Flutter
Integrating Firebase services (Authentication, Firestore, Cloud Messaging) in Flutter
Using device features (Camera, Location, Sensors) in Flutter
Accessing device contacts and calendar events in Flutter
Push notifications and in-app messaging in Flutter
Using third-party APIs (Maps, Social media, Payment gateways) in Flutter

Chapter 8: Flutter UI Customization and Theming
Customizing widget appearance with properties in Flutter
Using themes for consistent app styling in Flutter
Creating custom themes and styles in Flutter
Working with fonts and typography in Flutter
Animations and transitions in Flutter

Chapter 9: Advanced Flutter Concepts
Flutter's rendering and layout pipeline
Performance optimization techniques in Flutter
Internationalization and localization in Flutter
Accessibility considerations and best practices in Flutter
Testing and debugging Flutter applications
Chapter 10: Flutter and Native Device Features
Integrating Flutter with existing native code (Android and iOS)
Using platform channels for bi-directional communication in Flutter
Accessing device features and sensors in Flutter
Working with native APIs and libraries in Flutter
Building custom Flutter plugins

Chapter 11: Flutter and Web Development

Chapter 12: Deploying and Publishing Flutter Apps

Author: Innoware Pjp
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 06/09/2023
Pages: 110
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ISBN: 9798397735605

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