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"Let My People Know" Book 2, A New Creation

"Let My People Know" Book 2, A New Creation

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Multiple thousands of years ago planet Earth was devastated by catastrophic flood waters and darkness, and all life on earth perished. The earth remained in that morbid state until the Creator came down to the void planet with a six day plan of restoration and creation. The Holocene period of the history of planet Earth began on day one of God's creative acts. God created all new life-forms upon earth which exists to this day. New Creation answers the difficult questions of when Earth was restored, how we got here, and the more relevant question of when life begins. Is it possible to unlock the mysteries of time and space? Such hidden secrets that baffle the human mind for centuries are: When was the earth created? How we got here? When does life begin? Was earth ever visited by alien beings? The author investigates these controversial issues, and confidently reveals the shocking answers from the Scriptures in a challenging and thought-provoking manner. There are many interpretations to the Scriptures. Some are based on good Bible exegesis influenced by the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately many are based on personal opinions while others, to a good degree, on religious affiliation. There are indeed some erroneous interpretations resulting from human pride and misunderstanding of the Scriptures. Consequently false notions and misrepresentation of the Scriptures result. The ultimate outcome of poor Bible exegesis is that many denominations and their parishioners do what is pleasing to them. However their deeds are often in variance with the truth of the word of God. Today our modern society is faced with multiple social issues. These issues permeate though the society, and affect a large number of people. The majority grapples with problems and is desperately searching for answers. Unfortunately people refuse to look to the true source for answers. That source is the Bible. The Scriptures have the answer to every question facing mankind, and the solution to ever human problem and need. However, there is one problem that the Scriptures are unable to solve. That problem is unbelief. Unfortunately this is the major obstacle which prevents man from finding the correct answers to the social issues of today. Modern man rejects the idea of a universal Being who is the creator of the world. Man also rejects the word of God along with the divine answers that could solve human problem. Instead they rely on human knowledge and wisdom which is often futile, and leads to controversy and division among the people. "A New Creation" covers some mysteries of old, and addresses some of the divisive social issues of today. The author boldly declares the Scriptures as the foundation of truth. He further references the word of God regarding current controversial social issues. The author rightly divides the Word of Truth without fear or favor. Pointing to the uncompromising word of God he separates the truth from the myth, exposes the misconceptions, dispels false notions, and lays out the correct interpretation. A New Creation will set the burdened conscience of many women free. Conscience haunted by the stigma of abortion. The Biblical truth about abortion may bring closure, and a brighter outlook on life for many who are downcast by their past. The book is not intended to convince or convict, but only to inform. True believers will accept the truth but some will resist and waiver in unbelief. The author believes that every man should exercise his free will without coercion: because the saying is always true that "a man convinced against his will, will remain unconvinced still". However, the truth of the word of God will always prevail. "Let My People Know" Book 2, A New Creation is a must read for those who desire to enlighten their minds, and begin on a journey to unlock the mysteries of our time.

Author: Enel Malakrist
Publisher: Malak Books
Published: 01/29/2013
Pages: 138
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.43lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.30d
ISBN: 9780988455801

About the Author
Enel Malakrist is a graduate of Manhattan Bible Institute in New York City. He is an ordained minister with a Doctorate of Divinity.

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