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Loosening the Grip 12th Edition: A Handbook of Alcohol Information

Loosening the Grip 12th Edition: A Handbook of Alcohol Information

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Accessible and comprehensive, Loosening the Grip remains an authoritative source for information about alcohol use and the problems associated with it, while also addressing the relationship between alcohol and other drug use. The text presents the physical and psychological effects of alcohol, alongside the impact of its use on the family and society. Special attention is given to the range of responses to potential problems of alcohol use, including prevention, harm reduction, assessment, referral and treatment, and the risks for anyone of heavy alcohol use. Along with providing an historical foundation, Loosening the Grip also sets forth basic information on other drugs of abuse, whether street drugs or prescription drugs.


The phenomenon of vaping, particularly among adolescents, and the resulting medical problems.

The advent of a for-profit chain of substance abuse treatment programs, and issues of their substandard clinical care.

The opioid epidemic, sparked by the pharmaceutical industry, and how drinking is interwoven with abuse of pharmaceuticals.

The evolution of the Substance Use Profession, from what was earlier an orphaned, isolated, fringe occupation, to now among the most widely respected of the Human Service Professions.


"Loosening the Grip is, and has been the standard setter in the addiction profession since first publication in 1978. My first experience with the text occurred as a student in 1999, and I literally devoured the text, which was filled with material about alcohol, its effects on the body and mind, and how to best treat the condition of alcohol use disorder. I now am a licensed addiction counselor and addiction educator, and as such utilize this text exclusively in my alcohol course within our accredited addiction counseling and prevention program. This is not only an essential encyclopedia on all things concerning alcohol addiction and recovery, but includes materials about other substances of abuse, along with materials on co-occurring mental health disorders. Students state that they love this book as much as I did in 1999, and this creates a much higher level of retention in our major and minor. I plan to continue using this very engaging, accurate and useful book for many years to come." -John Korkow, LAC, PhD, SAP

Author: Jean Kinney
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Published: 08/07/2020
Pages: 670
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.52lbs
Size: 10.00h x 7.00w x 1.34d
ISBN: 9781977221209

About the Author
Kinney, Jean: - Jean Kinney, affiliated with the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth was the associate director of the Alcohol Counselor Training Program at Dartmouth conducted between 1972 and 1978, the program that was the impetus for this text. Upon the completion of this program, she joined Project Cork, a program established to develop and implement a model curriculum for medical student education. In 1999 she was the first recipient of the NIAAA's Senator Harold Hughes Award, in recognition of her professional efforts to translate scientific work into clinical practice.

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