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Two Ravens Books LLC

Milo The Glowing Penguin: A Cute Penguin Storybook For Children About Being Different (Kids Ages 2-7)

Milo The Glowing Penguin: A Cute Penguin Storybook For Children About Being Different (Kids Ages 2-7)

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Immerse yourself in the snowy landscape of Antarctica with "Milo The Glowing Penguin," a children's penguin story that tells an inspiring tale about the power of individuality.

Born with an all-white coat, Milo feels different and alone among his penguin peers until he discovers a magical ability - he can glow!

"Milo The Glowing Penguin" is an adventurous penguin tale and a picture book about individuality that guides children on a path of self-discovery and bravery. Witness Milo's riveting encounters, including a face-off with a giant sea lion:

"Just when it looked like he might become a sea lion's dinner, a bright light appeared. Milo realized that his entire body was glowing."

When darkness engulfs the journey of Milo's colony to the sea, Milo's glow lights up their path, transforming this read-aloud book for kids into a beacon of hope:

"Suddenly, a glow appeared in the middle of the colony... They all turned to see Milo glowing in the dark."

An inspirational story for kids, "Milo The Glowing Penguin" encourages children to celebrate their uniqueness, imparting lessons of courage and leadership.

With captivating prose and heartwarming moments, this toddler book about being a leader opens dialogues about acceptance, self-confidence, and the essence of helping others.

"Milo was so happy. He realized he was special after all."

Reading Level: An excellent choice for early readers and a perfect read-aloud book for parents to share with younger children.

Join Milo on his glowing journey of courage and acceptance by ordering your copy now. Let this penguin adventure book help your child learn and grow with Milo.

This book is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or to delight your little one.

Author: Lee Zander
Publisher: Two Ravens Books LLC
Published: 05/01/2023
Pages: 40
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.26lbs
Size: 8.50h x 8.50w x 0.10d
ISBN: 9781960320018
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