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Purple Unicorn Press

Morning Song

Morning Song

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Kimi grew up in Kaisun, a small, peaceful village in Northeastern China. Kimi wasn't like the other girls in Kaisun. Girls her age were focused on marriage, having children, and fulfilling the role of a traditional Chinese wife. Kimi was focused on opening a school where girls could learn history, debate the classics, and explore exotic new European ideas. Kimi, a foundling, never knew her mother or father, to whom her only connection is a medallion of a dragon curled around a pearl and a letter from her mother. She was raised by her aunt and grandfather. Thanks to her scholarly grandfather's teachings and wisdom, Kimi learned to value logic and science, rather than the superstitions and legends her aunt attempted to instill in her. Kimi's reality is upended when Japanese forces invade and destroy her village. Kimi is forced to flee and embarks on a journey to save herself and, ultimately, the people of China. Throughout this intricately woven fantasy novel, set in historical 19th century China, Kimi discovers the true nature of the world, an inner strength she didn't know she had, and realizes a destiny she had never imagined possible.

Author: Sharon Lee Beatty
Publisher: Purple Unicorn Press
Published: 07/29/2016
Pages: 282
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.92lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.64d
ISBN: 9780692645406

About the Author
Sharon Lee Beatty stepped away from her 34-year career at Boeing to pursue her true passion, writing. Before tragically losing her life to Melanoma only 18 months later, Sharon successfully completed her epic, Morning Song, and introductory story, The Legend of Shi-Lin. Readers of her stories honor her memory - they will fly with dragons and learn of love, loss, and the power of imagination.

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