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Letters 4 Earth

My Brother Is a Hairy Man: An Extraterrestrial View on Bigfoot and Human Genesis

My Brother Is a Hairy Man: An Extraterrestrial View on Bigfoot and Human Genesis

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Human origins and purpose on Earth pace with ancient astronauts from Arcturus in this landmark chronicle. A sequel to "Project Earth from the Extraterrestrial Perspective," Arcturians tell their story in this landmark chronicle. An extensive DNA study corroborated in 2013 the Arcturian account, fifteen years after the dialogs. Sasquatch's human DNA is identical to but in different ratios than modern humans. "You may shrug or grimace at the mention of UFOs, but when reports keep coming in about seeing Bigfoot in conjunction with such craft, none of the reporters known to each other, you cannot just shrug them off. They are part of the total picture and are to be considered as legitimately as any footprint. "Until you know Bigfoot in all his characteristics, including his relationship to such craft, you don't know him well enough to find him. "And that is how, why this book came to be written. If you don't like me bringing up the subject of UFOs, go away, but you will miss some very revealing and important information. You don't have to believe everything, just be willing to listen." Ida M. Kannenberg

Author: Lee Trippett, Ida M. Kannenberg
Publisher: Letters 4 Earth
Published: 09/02/2013
Pages: 282
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.84lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.59d
ISBN: 9780983705147

About the Author
Ida M. Kannenberg A pioneer researcher of the UFO enigma, Ida Kannenberg sponsored with Dr. Leo Sprinkle the First Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in 1980 at the University of Wyoming. She introduced the time travelers that contacted her in 1940 at the historic conference. "Like most UFO abductees or contactees, she [Kannenberg] sees herself as an unobtrusive, unimportant, 'everyday person, '" wrote Dr. Leo Sprinkle. Kannenberg wrote about UFO encounters as she experienced them, information conveyed by the time travelers, and observations about them. She puzzled over composite human nature, humanity as a species, how the species came to its present evolution, and the individual as an existential filament of physical and spiritual worlds. Yet, Kannenberg puzzled in down-to-earth terms and called herself a little old lady in tennis shoes. She extended a steady hand in support of fellow contactees and abductees, and her first book was a manual for UFO experiencers. A tireless researcher, she wrote seven books about UFO contact, psychic development, extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials and time travelers. Her books include UFOS and the Psychic Factor; Project Earth from the ET Perspective; Time Travelers from Atlantis; Reconciliation; My Brother Is a Hairy Man, A Son of Old Atlantis; and The Alien Book of Truth. Ida Kannenberg was born October 27, 1914 in Iowa. She passed from this life on May 17, 2010.

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