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Goofy Rooster Publishing

Nine Women Revealed: Intimate Revelations of Nine Real Women in Images and Words

Nine Women Revealed: Intimate Revelations of Nine Real Women in Images and Words

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Ever noticed how perfect the women always look in magazines like Playboy? But "real" women don't always wear makeup - and sometimes - they actually have bruises on their legs (gasp) Real life is messy like that If there's an interview, it's usually frivolous stuff - they don't tell you the real dirt. Enter the world of "Nine Women Revealed" where the women aren't perfect, they aren't all "painted up," and their photos aren't even air-brushed...but they are all natural and beautiful View the photos and read the stories of nine real women (ranging in age from 20 to 40) - all of whom model (including in the nude), and who come from a variety of lifestyles: students, housewives, mothers and even a top ten Playboy model See them in everyday situations (in various forms of dress...and undress): - Dancing and acting silly - Raiding the refrigerator - Cleaning house - Taking a bath - Sleeping - Checking themselves out in the mirror - Having fun with Mr. Vacuum Cleaner - Lounging on the couch - Doing laundry Read their stories: - One can't keep male friends - One wants to be a cop (again) - One is jealous of Seth Rogan - One explains how posing nude is self-actualization for her - One has no problem asking men out if she feels like it - One lived in Indonesia as a child Find out which of the nine women: - Has a fantasy about making love with a partner while others watch them - Recently went skinny dipping with a group of people at a party - Did her interview with the author of this book in the nude - Has wondered what it would be like to have a penis - Has been to a nude resort More than 140 full color photos: clothed, lingerie, negligees, topless and nude Gary Melton, author and photographer, has gathered nine amazing women and reveals them to us through images and words that give us a candid peek into their private worlds. ** This is the Standard Edition **

Author: Gary D. Melton
Publisher: Goofy Rooster Publishing
Published: 01/20/2010
Pages: 112
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.53lbs
Size: 10.00h x 8.00w x 0.29d
ISBN: 9780984394043

About the Author
Born and raised in Dallas - Gary Melton is a Texan through and through. His journey into the world of photography began years ago with the purchase of a 35mm single lens reflex camera at a U.S. Army PX in Budingen, Germany. Shortly after leaving the service, what started as a hobby and grew into a passion, became an enterprise when he started a part-time portrait, team and event photography business. The magic of picture taking lost it's charm for him, though, when it became apparent that taking photos for money was a lot more about business than it was about art, so he closed the business after a couple of years. Flash forward a couple of decades when he decided to renew his passion, but in a different direction that he felt sure would be more interesting - female figure photography. He was right, and he was also a natural at it. It took a while to make the transition from film to pro-level digital, and it also took some time learning to find the necessary artistic connections with his models - but as I think you'll see from viewing the book in your hands, it was worth the time and effort spent. When he decided to create a book of female figure photographs - he knew that he wanted to do it in the style that he has become most comfortable with - a style that is all about creating works that mostly resemble "artistic snapshots". He also wanted to create something that was more than just a collection of revealing images of real women - he wanted to utilize his lifetime of writing experience to capture "artistic snapshots" of the unique lives of each of his amazing subjects as revealed to him in candid interviews.

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