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Open Marriage: Behind the Scenes

Open Marriage: Behind the Scenes

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***Warning: SEXUAL CONTENT*** This is book 3 of the OPEN MARRIAGE EROTIC TRILOGY, entitled "Open Marriage: Behind the Scenes." For Stacy and Frederick, love was not "at first sight." Despite this, a friendship ensued; and love, marriage, and children soon followed. After growing tired of the monotony of their domesticated lives, they decided to open their marriage to "whatever" life had to offer. Over the next several years, they individually embarked on sexually adventurous escapades that changed their marriage. The more sexually "free" they became, the more they grew apart, and soon their marriage collapsed under the weight of it all. Wrapped up in all the successes of their new lifestyles, Frederick and Stacy forge ahead into their own identities. But things are not always as they seem. Especially when several employees enter the picture, explaining their ulterior motives for their involvement in the "Company," and giving a behind the scenes glimpse very few were ever meant to see. Some of these employees harbor treacherous secrets, inevitably leaving the threat of disaster in their wake. For all involved, everything is at stake. Both Stacy and Frederick must make the ultimate decision. They must decide if they want to unwrap themselves from the lives they've created, or if their new lifestyle -- the fame, fortune, success, threats, and mind-blowing, fantastical sex that they can so easily get from whomever they please - is the life they were always meant to live. Whichever Stacy and Frederick decide, it is not long before their reality is forever altered. The ending will surprise you. Book 3, "Open Marriage: Behind the Scenes" of the OPEN MARRIAGE EROTIC TRILOGY brings to climax Frederick and Stacy's journey, exploring what happens when love is lost, and if it can ever truly be found again, if the lies we tell ourselves ever catch up to us, and when what seems too good to be true isn't. Read along to enjoy a book that doesn't wrap life up so easily at the end. Or does it? These books are intended for mature audiences. Get all 3 books of the Open Marriage Erotic Trilogy: 1.Open Marriage: An Erotic Trilogy 2.Open Marriage: A.S.E. Sports Agency 3.Open Marriage: Behind the Scenes ...and brace yourself for a few steamy nights ahead

Author: Anne Drea
Publisher: Ttp Publishing
Published: 02/28/2014
Pages: 342
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.75lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.71d
ISBN: 9780985598884

About the Author
Anne Drea's life reads like a real-life novel, complete with full drama and incredible experiences. As such, she never has to go too far to find content for her next book. From celebrity surrogacy to an open marriage, Anne Drea bases her books on real lived experiences, which are often controversial in nature. Although she, along with some other TTP Authors, choose to write anonymously, she wishes to share with readers that she likes rainy days and reality TV, dislikes it when people lick their fingers to turn a page, and sleeps in on Saturdays. She also admits that she will do anything twice.

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