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Black Teen Girl Books & Bubblegum

Preppy Gyrl Country Club: College Dorm Diaries of the Pretty Church Girl Crew: Church Girl Dropout-Beauty, Brains & Lipgloss on His Bed

Preppy Gyrl Country Club: College Dorm Diaries of the Pretty Church Girl Crew: Church Girl Dropout-Beauty, Brains & Lipgloss on His Bed

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Welcome to Preppy Gyrl Country Club A "Smart Girl's World " The premier place of leisure for the Prep and Posh The ultimate hangout for smart girls that love fashion, lipgloss and college life. It's finally here The countdown to College A new life of freedom It's time to pack for move-in day The popular dorm, Sebastian Hall awaits on the prestigious Brighton University campus in California College in Cali Oh yes, hunny bunnies Roomies are a must The summer break before college is cute, classic, filled with temptation and jaw-dropping Is this a battle or a war? Weapons are out Traps are set The enemy is near But where? Who is the target? Diary Entry 1 in her diary elegantly reads in Bubblegum Pink ink... Summer Break Before College, Oh my Goshh This summer was like war Like a teenage war or something What happened to my lipgloss? Where is it? I love my lipgloss Where will I find another color like that? Ugh ...

Meet the Preppy Gyrls: Jordan Posh, Brooklyn Pastel, Fah'ry Kanary and Emory They are four best friends that attend St. Martin High School, a private school in Chicago. The girls are adorned with privilege but are ironically raised in the ghetto. They are virgins, Christians, members of the Smart Girls Club of valedictorians and salutatorians and are quite privileged compared to the other girls in their neighborhood. These Preppy Gyrls love fashion, being smart, lattes, hanging out together and cruising in their matching pastel pink, purple, yellow and blue convertible IvyKennington cars. They are what the author, LaToya N. Ausley calls the Urban Privilege

Can these girls survive a summer break of freedom? Will one of them give up their virginity in college or remain pure for their future husband? Can these girls, as Christians, join a sorority? Whose college major will really make them a millionaire rich girl? Is it possible to be a teenager and a prophet?

LaToya N. Ausley introduces these Urban Belles to the world as she unlocks their college dorm diaries and chronicles their lives in college as they journey from the hood to higher education and reach for high society. The struggles and successes of being a "Smart, Black Girl in College" from the ghetto are real. The dorms will be their new home in Brighton, California. Far, far away from the slums of Chicago.

The Preppy Gyrls have the golden ticket What's that? Fah'ry, the ultimate Urban Belle is a Fashion Design major with a minor in Software Engineering and has a promising future. However, her wardrobe and dialect are not so adored along with her several luggage of love, including dangerous boyfriend baggage and jealous enemies that seem to be on the road to college with her. Jordan, a Pre-med major that loves all things research and makeup has serious problems at home and is often fighting for peace of mind. Brooklyn, a Finance and Business major that loves her cheer bows is quite independent, boy crazy and is carrying love luggage of her high school sweetheart. A scarred heart from the unimaginable headlines her. Emory, a Ministry and Leadership major that loves making lattes and experimenting with chemicals is soooo spoiled and is the daughter of Pastors. She often hears and sees things before they happen and is quite confused about what is happening to her. Oooh and this crush she has...

Preppy Gyrl Country Club is truly all things college and dorm life survival Hop on the passenger side of the Preppy Gyrls' pink, purple, yellow and blue convertible cars as they cruise into this new world called college life

Author: Latoya N. Ausley
Publisher: Black Teen Girl Books & Bubblegum
Published: 03/25/2018
Pages: 404
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.42lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 1.06d
ISBN: 9780692917756

About the Author
Ausley, Latoya N.: - "Welcome to Preppy Gyrl Country Club!" These were the words spoken to every person that walked into the bubblegum pink and white dorm room-inspired lipgloss boutique of Chicago! Those same words made their way to the cover of a book! Novels that edify, encourage, comfort, teach and warn. Meet the author and creator of Preppy Gyrl Country Club, LaToya N. Ausley. She is known for addressing the inner thoughts and private lives of Christian young ladies as they mature and transition into high school, college life and adulthood with a special emphasis on church, academic success, dating and love, virginity, lifestyle, and "shhh, don't tell anyone."..the prophetic gift in teens. LaToya N. Ausley is an African-American Teen and YA novelist. She is the wife of her college sweetheart, Donell Ausley and the mother of a young gentleman. She is a lover of God and has a heart for young ladies with hurting hearts and challenging backgrounds. It is her desire to see young ladies overcome obstacles, complete graduate degrees, have lucrative careers, enter healthy relationships, and be assured of their identity as Christians that love God with no shame. LaToya believes that campus living is tempting and can be a season of heightened sin. She ministers to the needs of young ladies using decision-making with raw themes as the styles of her literature. LaToya was born and raised in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Professionally, she served in university administration within the Student Affairs department for 5 years. LaToya graduated valedictorian of her eighth grade and high school classes. She appeared on Chicago's Know Your Heritage, a televised academic competition for high school students. She also was awarded the Chicago Scholars award. In 2005, she received her B.A in Psychology /Clinical Counseling from Saint Xavier. Her master's degree is in Higher Education Administration from Governors State University where she maintained a 4.0 G.P.A. LaToya began her Doctoral studies at Benedictine University in Higher Education Administration and Social Change. She also studies Cognitive Science and its emphasis on how the brain processes learning and memory. "I absolutely love the brain!"

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