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Monette Draper

Prime Obsession

Prime Obsession

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"If you are into romance and sci-fi, this is definitely the book for you. If you enjoy feisty heroines and alphas with overprotective drives, who love to the max and indulge in hot hot sex, you too should buy this book. If you just like to escape into a good story with Love and passion, you'll have to have this book! " - Suzy's Book Shelf

Bestselling author Monette Michaels takes you on a fantastic journey to old worlds and old civilizations where war, survival, treachery, and duty rule. Your journey to Cejuru Prime is fraught with danger as one alpha male fights to save the woman destined to be his mate. Together, Wulf and Melina help form an alliance to save The Prime, one of the oldest species in the galaxy, and along the way discover a love so hot it sets the stars ablaze.

Melina Dmitros is a seasoned battleship captain for the Galactic Alliance. Calls from ships in distress are not all that uncommon in the outermost spirals of the Milky Way. Calls from the warlike Prime were. Now that they were allies, Mel figures she'd better get used to working in conjunction with the chauvinistic race.

She never expected to be attracted to one of them.

The Prime, one of the oldest species in the galaxy, were known for going their own way. But with problems on Cejuru Prime and increasing attacks by the Antareans, the Prime joined the Alliance to lend their expertise in battling the warlike reptilian species--and ultimately, to survive as a race.

Captain Wulf Caradoc, the eldest son and heir apparent of the Prime leader, looked forward to the trip to the Alliance ambassadorial planet. His mission is ostensibly to deliver the diplomatic team to the new Prime embassy.

His real mission is to meet his fated mate, his gemate, one of the Lost Ones.

Wulf hadn't anticipated the diplomatic mission being attacked by pirates--and he especially hadn't anticipated his gemate, Melina Dmitros, being the one sent to rescue his ship.

Two strong people pulled together by biology and fate. Their union will be forged in a crucible of survival, treachery and duty.

"The tension between them was phenomenal. The mystery and intrigue about who is behind the resistance and the attempts on Melina's life added another dimension to an already fabulous story. I can't wait for the continuation with the storyline and more clues into who is behind the whole resistance. A must read." - Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick

"The story is very interesting and it reads like a book version of Star Wars movie." - Mei, Goodreads

The Prime Chronicles (in order):
1. Prime Obsession
2. Prime Selection
3. Prime Imperative
3.5 Prime Claiming
4. Prime Target

All caught up on The Prime Chronicles? For more Monette Michaels, try her Security Specialists International Series, starting with Eye of the Storm!

Fans of Linnea Sinclair, Veronica Scott, and Susan Stoker will love the alpha males and suspense of all the Monette Michaels titles.

Author: Monette Michaels
Publisher: Monette Draper
Published: 12/30/2014
Pages: 356
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.78lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.74d
ISBN: 9780986273001

About the Author
Monette Michaels is the pen name for a multi-published author of suspense/thrillers. She's been married to the love of her life for far longer than she cares to remember. Her home is in Central Indiana.

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