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Innovation and Integration, Inc.

Protidin Rabindranath: Ek Chumuk Chayer Shathe Dui Minute

Protidin Rabindranath: Ek Chumuk Chayer Shathe Dui Minute

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A book that can rewire your brain.

Protidin Rabindranath (Rabindranath Everyday), a Bengali language book, is a creative collection of Rabindranath Tagore's selected writings (poems, songs, essays and letters) accompanied by copious annotations by the current author. The purpose of the book is to inspire readers with quotes from Tagore such that they can beneficially use these quotes in their daily lives. A reader can find quotes that will (i) bring peace to his soul in difficult times; (ii) express the feelings to a lover in the most romantic way; (iii) enrich religious consciousness; (iv) improve perspectives on life, living, and society; and (v) make one laugh. The book is full of insights from the current author about how to read and enjoy Tagore and how to benefit personally from his writings by uplifting one's soul to a deeper level of consciousness and one's mind to a higher level of enlightenment.

The approximately 700 quotes, with frequent english translations, are organized into twelve thematic chapters to correspond to 12 months of the year with one page dedicated to each day of the month with a quote and annotation by the current author. It would only take 2 minutes for a reader to read of page of this 365 day calendar book. Each chapter focuses on an important aspect of life and living as demonstrated below: 1. Two bonus chapters were added at the end. Chapter titles are 1. Self-purification (Atmoshuddhi); 2. Love (Bhalobasha); 3. Joy (Ananda); 4. Wishes and Condolences (Shuvechha o Shokbanee); 5. Self-Realization (Atmo-Upolobdhi), 6. Religious Realization (Dhormo-Upolobdhi); 7. Motherland and Society (Swadesh O Shomaj); 8. Relationships (Shomporko); 9. Prayer (Prarthona); 10. Nature (Prokriti); 11. Joy and Sorrow (Sukh-Dukkho); 12. My Last Cent (Shesh Paranir Kori). Two bonus chapters were added at the end:13. Pleasantries (Hashyokoutuk) and 14. The End is Endless (Shesh Hoiyao Hoilona Shesh).

Author: Najmus Saquib
Publisher: Innovation and Integration, Inc.
Published: 04/26/2023
Pages: 530
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.47lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 1.18d
ISBN: 9780985823221
Language: Bengali

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