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Liberty House Publishing

Pure In Heart: A Memoir of Overcoming Abuse and Passing Jenna's Law

Pure In Heart: A Memoir of Overcoming Abuse and Passing Jenna's Law

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"This powerful narrative will inspire empathy in parents, families, teachers, classmates, and friends of victims, and inspire hope in survivors that, like Jenna, they can heal and, in turn, help protect children from abuse."
-Teresa Huizar, Executive Director, National Children's Alliance


In a swift and breathtaking narrative, Pure In Heart tells the astonishing true story of how sixteen-year-old Jenna Quinn broke free from years of sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted family friend and coach. After the painful effects of the abuse almost cost Jenna her life, she found the courage to tell her story.


With actual court impact statements, this book gives the reader a clear picture of how sexual abuse begins, progresses, and affects so many innocent lives. In Pure In Heart, Jenna is transparent about her road to recovery and healing that eventually led to her greatest passion: protecting children from abuse.


Jenna's story answers the uncomfortable questions people have about child sexual abuse: How can a family not see the signs? What causes a child to keep silent for years? What resources and skills can we teach children to help them prevent or end abuse by speaking up?


This book is not just a memoir; it's also a training tool with prevention as the hallmark. Jenna wrote this book to intentionally raise awareness for social change, with hopes of helping survivors find true healing and freedom.


"Pure In Heart is a must-read. This book can give courage, hope, and support to anyone. It's more than inspirational. It's eye-opening and gives the reader a guide to prevention."
-Michael Medoro, Chief Development Officer of Childhelp


"Captivating and refreshingly humorous at times-I couldn't put this book down."
-Stacie Rumenap, President of Stop Child Predators

Author: Jenna Quinn
Publisher: Liberty House Publishing
Published: 01/18/2017
Pages: 264
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.75lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9780692738726

About the Author
Jenna Quinn was seventeen years old when she spoke out publicly for the first time as a survivor of sexual abuse and has dedicated the last twelve years of her life to preventing sexual abuse. With a master's degree in communication studies, she enjoys personally connecting with survivors and building rapport with audiences, young and old. She has participated in both local and national radio, television, and news programs. At the age of twenty, Jenna moved into the political system and reached out to Texas legislators about the need for schools to adopt age-appropriate curricula on child sexual abuse. Supporting the cause, Texas State Representative Tan Parker championed what is now known as Jenna's Law in May 2009. Jenna's Law passed the Texas State Senate unanimously, making it the first child sexual abuse prevention education law in the United States named after a survivor. In September 2011, Jenna's Law was expanded to reach additional public institutions and addresses both sexual abuse and other forms of maltreatment. Jenna is a sought-after speaker by law enforcement groups, nonprofit organizations, schools, communities of faith, and various abuse prevention and intervention groups. Jenna is sharing her message of hope to audiences all across the country. As a former educator, Jenna Quinn is committed to the cause of preventing child abuse, raising awareness through education, and increasing awareness of God's presence, love, and grace. She has a passion for justice and social change to make the world a safer place for children. As an inspirational speaker, she is transparent about her experience with sexual abuse, how it has impacted her life and her family, and her transforming journey to healing. Her firsthand accounts of the harsh realities of sexual abuse and the truth of its effects have captivated audiences and have the power to forever change the way society views abuse and its prevention. Jenna lives with her husband, Michael, in Dallas, Texas. 

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