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Gyimah Opare

Pursuit Volume 1: Blind Man Blues

Pursuit Volume 1: Blind Man Blues

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PURSUIT the graphic novel series by Gyimah Opare a.k.a Abeeku Vassall is about 23-year old blind musician Gutaale (Ethiopian for "Leader of Armies")traveling the apocalyptic world of the the unknown future. In many societies there are processes by which people find their place. This is known as "Rites of Passage". After finishing his, Gutaale travels to the outside world in which he is met with a peculiar situation, having to solve a series of murders. Conspiracies, dramatic turns, and tragedy. These are three things that are present within the mysterious outside wasteland. What will he encounter? How will he solve these acts of cruelty and bring peace to the spirits of the dead This is uncertain....

Author: Abeeku Osei Vassall, Gyimah Opare
Publisher: Gyimah Opare
Published: 12/12/2017
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.43lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.41d
ISBN: 9780692987957

About the Author
African american Graphic novelist/ Comic/ Manga artist, Abeeku Vassall a.k.a Gyimah Opare, is the owner and creator of the series "Pursuit". He has been drawing comics from a very young age debuting with his first mini-comic "Path of Cruelty". Rather than being a story however it was more so a visual poem showing the mindset of the artist. His serialization Pursuit was officially released in 2017. Abeeku enjoys reading all sorts of different fiction and non-fiction but has a particular interest in the visual medium of comics. He also enjoys skateboarding, singing, Animation, film, underground hip-hop and basically any art-form he can get his hands on.

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