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Salaam Publishing

Samad in the Forest: English-Nobiin Bilingual Edition

Samad in the Forest: English-Nobiin Bilingual Edition

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Samad loved animals. His dream was to spend a whole day in a forest and sleep in the treehouse. Follow Samad as he embarked on this adventure where he made wonderful friends and amazing discoveries. Going into a forest has never been so much fun.

ⲥⲁⲙⲁⲇⲗⲓ ⲟⲩⲣⲧⲓⲅⲟ̅ⲩ̅ⲅ ⲇⲟⲗⲗⲓⳝⲕⲉⲛⲟⲛ. ⲟⲩⲅ ⲱⲉ̄ⲕⲁ ⲧⲉⲇⲇⲁⲛ ⲧⲓ̄ⲅⲁⲗⲗⲉⲓ̈ⲁⲅⲓⲟ̄ⲛ ⲛⲓⲥⲁⲣⲕⲁ ⲛⲓⲥⲁⲣⲕⲓⲕⲟⲛ. ⳝⲟⲩ ϣⲁⳝⲁⲣⲓⲛ ⲕⲟϭϭⲓⲗ ⲫⲓⲓ̈ⲁⲗⲉⲓ̈ⲁⲅⲟ̄ⲛ ⲛⲁⲕⲉⲛⲟⲛ ϣⲓⲇⲇⲁ ⲓⲛⲛⲟⲅ ⲅⲟⲩⲣⲣⲁⲫⲓⲓ̈ⲟⲛ.

ⲙⲁϩⲁⲙⲉⲇ ⲟⲩⲙⲁⲣⲣⲓ ⲛⲉ̄ⳝⲓⲣⲓ̈ⲁⲛ ⲫⲁ̄ⲓ̈ⲓⲥⲥⲁ. ⲗⲁⲛⲇⲁⲛⲛⲁⲅⲟ̄ⲛ ⲧⲓⲣⲧⲓ ⲇⲓⲓ̈ⲉⲕⲁ ⲇⲟⲩⲙⲙⲁⲫⲓ̄ⲛ.

Author: Mohammed Umar
Publisher: Salaam Publishing
Published: 04/18/2023
Pages: 28
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.14lbs
Size: 8.00h x 8.00w x 0.06d
ISBN: 9781915637260
Language: Nubian Languages

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