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Risingstar31 Productions

Sammy Davis Jr.: The Writer Who Saved His Estate

Sammy Davis Jr.: The Writer Who Saved His Estate

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Sammy Davis Jr., The Writer Who Saved His Estate recounts the stormy journey of a Christian author who teamed up with the widow of a Rat Pack legend to create musical films for children, only to be caught up in one of Hollywood's longest and most vicious battles over an estate. In this exclusive account, Pamela Sherrod delivers the untold story of the shocking events that took place behind the scenes, and the personal triumphs and tragedies that led to the final outcome of the Sammy Davis Jr. estate.

This book, with its unusual spiritual viewpoint, is the result of three unlikely stories that, not only collided, but significantly changed history - that of the late Sammy Davis Jr., his widow, Altovise, and the writer.

Breaking her silence, Pamela documents the experiences that would haunt her for years. Overcoming the fear and repercussions of writing about famous figures, she takes on an even more formidable challenge: the paralyzing and deep sense of guilt she carried for years over the tragic deaths of Altovise Davis and her fiance.

Pamela was initially introduced to Mrs. Davis to help write her autobiography. Altovise, who inherited over $5 million of debt after Sammy's death, was struggling to harness the ravages of alcoholism, financial destitution and legal battles that were complicated still further by the manipulation of partners who nearly took over Sammy's estate. Hoping to give Altovise a sense of independence and accomplishment, Pamela partnered with her, in a common goal to impact young people's lives.

Altovise wanted to fulfill a request made by her late husband. Sammy had never attended school and couldn't read or write until he was an adult. This had plagued his life and left him vulnerable to unscrupulous partners and the mismanagement of his estate. Sammy had asked Altovise to reach out to kids and urge them to get an education.

Pamela, who was looking for ministry work, wanted to inspire and encourage young people with stories of miracles. Together, the two women created a screenplay for a musical that would fulfill their mutual goals. The story, itself, was about a talented family of traveling musicians who had a message of their own to deliver. Their journey, however, was filled with unexpected challenges.

Unfortunately, like the very characters that they created, Pamela and Altovise were headed toward a misadventure, one full of tragedies that would test their own resolve.

With the release of her book, Pamela shares the revelations that would finally give her the courage to finish the work that they began. In retracing her steps, she'd realize that her actions hadn't led to the losses that they experienced, but to the final outcome of the Sammy Davis Jr. estate.

Author: Pamela A. Sherrod
Publisher: Risingstar31 Productions
Published: 02/03/2016
Pages: 222
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.67lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.47d
ISBN: 9780692587867

Review Citation(s):
Publishers Weekly 10/10/2016

About the Author

Pamela Sherrod is a Christian author, producer, screenwriter and speaker. She is the founder of RisingStar31 Productions, a 'team' which consists of professional videographers, on air talent, and a post-production crew which includes an Emmy Award winning editor. Pamela had written and produced documentaries such as Team Success, a Motivational Program and The Witness to Miracles and Angels, hosted by actor, Geoffrey Owens, from The Cosby Show.

A graduate of Howard University, Pamela served as a Congressional Intern during her senior year, where she attended congressional hearings and helped prepare legislative briefings. In the following year, she scheduled group tours of the White House, Capitol and FBI Building.

She later took a position at the ABC News Washington Bureau. As a news assistant, she helped produce Nightline, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, This Week with David Brinkley and Sunday World News with Carole Simpson (and Sam Donaldson).

After managing a Crisis Intervention Program for women, she became an advocate for women and children.

Pamela has written several books and articles which have appeared in Black Enterprise and other publications. As a screenwriter, she partnered with the late Altovise Davis (Mrs. Sammy Davis Jr.) and formed a production company to produce inspirational and educational films for young people. The first screenplay that they coauthored was A Detour to Mexico, which is a family-oriented musical film. With the release of her new book, Sammy Davis Jr.: The Writer Who Saved His Estate, she moves forward with plans to produce the film.

Pamela currently lives in Sarasota, Florida, where she's raising her daughter.

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