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Independently Published

Sherlock Holmes The Coronation Murders: A Sherlock Holmes Resurgent Mystery

Sherlock Holmes The Coronation Murders: A Sherlock Holmes Resurgent Mystery

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Queen Victoria lays dying and some predict she will not live out the week. It is a turning point for the Empire as the man who is about to take the reins of power is known to be an unbridled libertine void of anything approaching a recognizable morality, with countless lovers and little sense of responsibility.

While this crisis befalls the Empire, a mysterious society lady relates her suspicions about the sudden and inexplicable death of her own longtime lover, a highly regarded London doctor, to Holmes. She is followed shortly by a stolid Croydon haberdasher who reports the disappearance of his ailing brother, an especially ethical solicitor. Then a diminutive Bristol housewife arrives at 221B Baker Street to ask Sherlock Holmes about her husband's puzzling and lucrative new job...and there's more.

Where Watson sees multiple mysteries, Holmes sees only one case. If he's correct the crime is as twisting and audacious as any they have ever faced, with consequences which will touch upon every facet of the British Empire.

The game is afoot and only Sherlock Holmes can make sense of the twisted web which has been so carefully woven.

Author: J. B. Varney
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 06/05/2023
Pages: 236
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.57lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.54d
ISBN: 9798397220538

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